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10th August 2009
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Industry's €5bn windfall

Patrick Walter, August 2009

Industry could reap a €5bn windfall from the over allocation of carbon permits under the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). The excess permits, according to a report by a not-for-profit climate change organisation, are a result of two problems: an excess of permits in Phase 2 of the ETS and no way to compensate for the bottom falling out of the permits market.


Sustainable energy in a changing world

Neil Eisberg, August 2009

Fossil fuels will remain the main global energy source throughout the 21st century, and will still account for 70-80% of the total in 2100, according to most major studies.


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Future challenges over leadership & talent

Craig Speed, August 2009

Over the last decade, the chemical industry has experienced a number of unique leadership and talent challenges. The reasons for this are varied and include consolidation through mergers and acquisitions that has led to over a million jobs being lost, negative public perceptions particularly from the X and Y generations, and fluctuating commodity prices. Yes, the global financial crisis may have extended baby boomers retirement plans, but this is only a momentary reprieve!


Analytical chemistry

Tom McCreedy, August 2009


Working outside the box

Theo Jan Simons, August 2009

Chemicals company executives are no strangers to cyclical downturns but the current situation is considerably more serious than anything that the industry has encountered before. Since mid-2008, global demand has dropped dramatically, and prices have followed suit. With revenues down by 20-30% and EBITDA down by 20-60% relative to Q1 2008, companies are under unprecedented pressure.


Pest management

Edward B Radcliffe, William D Hutchison and Rafael E Cancelado, August 2009

Over half of all described species are insects, and they probably have the largest total biomass of all terrestrial animals. Consequently, they have an enormous impact on our lives. Nearly half of all existing insect species feed on plants, and it has been estimated that, without control, approximately 15% of crops would be lost before harvest due to damage by herbivorous insects.


Safety - an essential issue for leadership

Neil Eisberg, August 2009

Top management involvement in safety is not an option. It is part of the job. Recent events like the Texas City refinery explosion in the US and the Buncefield storage terminal explosion in the UK should have reminded managements in all hazardous industries that a successful safety culture starts at the very top of their organisation.


Movers and shakers

August 2009
Chemicals major Huntsman has appointed Daniele Ferrari president of the performance products division. Ferrari was most recently vp, Europe, Middle East and Africa, for the division.