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9th November 2009
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drug compliances

Battle over drug export licences

Vidya Krishnan, November 2009

The turf war between the Indian health ministry and office of the drug controller general of India (DCGI) rages on after the health ministry ‘put on hold’ the directives issued by the DCGI withdrawing powers from state governments to issue Certificates of Pharmaceutical Products (CoPP) – the export quality licence drug manufacturers require to sell their drugs to overseas buyers.



Power from plastic

Lou Reade, November 2009

Solar power is on the rise. In 2008, the amount of energy generated by solar cells rose by 80%.


Product Focus

Metrohm Product Focus


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International Youth DayAugust 15, 2016


Atmospheric chemistry

Paul Monks, November 2009

As an atmospheric scientist, over the years I have developed a healthy obsession with sniffing air. Having worked in locations with some of the cleanest air on earth – including Cape Grim in the ‘roaring forties’ of the Southern Hemisphere, the tropical rainforests of Borneo and the Jungfraujoch, a 3500m high saddle point in the Swiss Alps – I know there is nothing quite like the smell of a city.


Is the future looking bleak for SMEs?

Neil Eisberg, November 2009

There are some signs of a recovery in the chemical sector, with chemical sales beginning to recover as the latest financial results from chemical and pharmaceutical majors are starting to demonstrate.


Movers & shakers

November 2009


Chemical innovation to tackle climate change

Philippe de Casabianca, senior counsellor communication, energy, HSE & logistics programme, Cefic, November 2009

The economic crisis the world is still facing has brought vast amounts of data detailing what kind of losses should be expected, which companies are ‘dead men walking’ and what kind of miracles one might hope for as a result of solutions yet to be defined.


Analytical chemistry

Nigel Freestone, October 2009

With diminishing fossil fuel reserves, great efforts are now being made worldwide to convert renewable biomass into fuels and value-added chemicals.