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26th July 2010
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Computing clean energy Computing clean energy

High performance computing is supercharging research into clean energy solutions.

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Research building

Science funding in limbo until autumn

Chris Adriaanse, July 2010

Deep cuts to science are a certainty, the new UK science minister has warned.



Food safety first

Paul Zavitsanos, July 2010

Globalisation has greatly multiplied the chances for contamination or adulteration of the food supply, but the technologies for testing food are up to the challenge, writes Paul Zavitsanos


Product Focus

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International Youth DayAugust 15, 2016


Price isn’t everything

Neil Eisberg, July 2010

All developing countries are trying to reduce the cost of prescription pharmaceuticals.


Where are the women?

Anita Caldwell, July 2010

Historically, women have avoided the chemical industry, but this is starting to change as family-friendly working practices help unlock the potential of the other half of the workforce, says Anita Caldwell



Kevin Burgess, July 2010

Using Ti-mediated alkene cross couplings
Micalizio’s group has been researching Ti-mediated cross couplings of imines and aldehydes with alkenes.


Reflections on symmetry

Michael Gross, July 2010

Chemists know everything there is to know about the handedness of molecules, from Pasteur’s tartaric acid crystals to today’s efforts to discover highly effective drugs and to synthesise them with the right kind of chirality.


Movers & shakers

July 2010

Styron has announced its new leadership team with Chris Shaw as executive vp and general counsel, following its sale by Dow. Prior to joining Styron, Shaw was executive vp at Celanese.

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