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23rd August 2010
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Issue62018_Asphalt not trashphalt Asphalt not 'trashphalt'


BP’s woes continue at Texas City refinery

Neil Eisberg, August 2010

Just when it thought that it could see the end of its Deepwater Horizon oil spill woes, Texas City has come back to haunt energy major BP.



Biodiversity loss could cost businesses the Earth

Cath O’Driscoll, August 2010

A UN report on biodiversity loss makes a compelling economic case for businesses to be more proactive in preserving the natural environment, reports Cath O’Driscoll


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International Youth DayAugust 15, 2016


Biodiversity - the next key issue

Neil Eisberg, August 2010

Biodiversity is a major issue that industries, like the pharmaceutical sector, can only ignore at their peril. As C&I reports in this issue, the loss of biodiversity could cost the Earth



Kevin Burgess, August 2010

Metallopeptide-based dirhodium catalysts
In a series of papers, the latest of which is J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2010, 132, 9289, Ball has made it possible to complex dirhodium complexes with carboxylic acid side-chains on peptides, for example, those from aspartic acid residues (D).


A new role for stable isotopes

Dennis Rouvray, August 2010

The discovery of chemical isotopes in 1911 by the English physical chemist Frederick Soddy set alarm bells ringing throughout the chemical community.


‘Venter creates synthetic life’ – should we be scared?

David Leak, August 2010

The hype manufactured by Craig Venter around the creation of synthetic life does the field a disservice, says David Leak


Movers & shakers

August 2010

Sanofi-aventis and Merck have appointed Raul Kohan ceo of their joint animal health venture Merial- Intervet.