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23rd May 2011
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Alzheimers Alzheimer's 



In the aftermath of the Japanese quake

Neil Sinclair, May 2011

The ripples from Japan’s worst natural disaster have spread to the world of global chemicals and pharmaceuticals, writes Neil Sinclair


Biopolymers: bio-based or biodegradable?

Neil Eisberg, May 2011

When is a biopolymer really a biopolymer? Even amongst producers there is widespread confusion about the term and what it means, Neil Eisberg reports


Product Focus

Metrohm Product Focus


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International Youth DayAugust 15, 2016



Kevin Burgess, May 2011

Dehydrogenation/capture reactions


Movers & shakers

May 2011

Dow Corning’s board of directors has elected Robert Hansen, ceo of Dow Corning. Honorary SCI president Stephanie Burns remains Dow’s chairman.


‘Action this day’

Douglas Leech, May 2011

Companies need to get involved now with SIEFs – Substance Information Exchange Forums – in time for the next REACH deadline in 2013, says Douglas Leech


Biofortified crops

Neil Eisberg, January 0001

It’s official – rice really did originate in China, or so recent US research indicates.