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1st January 2012
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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Gloomy sky

Forecast gloomy for chemicals

Neil Sinclair, January 2012

Manufacturing recovery in Western Europe and the US has weakened and in some sectors stalled altogether, while rising unemployment and job insecurity is undermining consumer demand



Polymers mean business

David Birkett, January 2012

I recall towards the end of the last century trying to look into the future of the polymer industry. I concentrated on what had been happening in the bulk applications


Product Focus

Metrohm Product Focus


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International Youth DayAugust 15, 2016


Life, the universe, and everything else

Nina Morgan, January 2012
Understand science

As science becomes more and more multidisciplinary, it becomes increasingly necessary to acquire at least a smattering of knowledge about a wide range of scientific disciplines



Kevin Burgess, January 2012

Much research in organometallic catalysis seems to be based on spotting gaps in methods that are not effectively covered by prior art


Facing the challenge of 2012

Neil Eisberg, January 2012
The challenges involving chemistry and chemicals that face the world have been well documented within the pages of C&I


EU needs global view on energy

Paul Botschek, January 2012

Europe’s chemical industry competes in a rapidly globalised market, where China now leads the pack as the world’s biggest chemicals producer and most of the growth is in emerging markets


Movers & shakers

January 2012

Martin Jung has been chosen as BASF’s new automotive research spokesperson