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7th February 2014
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Alzheimers Alzheimer's 



Money laundering

Cleaning dirty money

Anthony King, February 2014

Globally, around 150bn new banknotes are printed every year, while replacing unfit currency that is too soiled or damaged for further use costs almost $10bn/year


Cell prints

Cell prints

Cynthia Challener, February 2014

Three dimensional (3D) printing with plastics, metals, and other inert materials is commonplace today, and is used in the medical industry to produce patient-specific polymer implants and surgical guides


Product Focus

Metrohm Product Focus


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International Youth DayAugust 15, 2016


Tales of the unexpected

George B. Kauffman, February 2014

Carl Djerassi, the Vienna-born Nobel-calibre chemist and polymath, celebrated his 90th birthday in 2013


Organic chemistry

G. Richard Stephenson, February 2014

Multicomponent coupling reactions and ‘click’ chemistry have become research topics that contribute to many aspects of organic chemistry


The Holy shale

Steve Elliott, February 2014

The vision of the UK’s new Chemistry Growth Partnership (CGP) – to grow by 2030 the gross value added contribution of the chemistry-using industries from £195bn to £300bn


Movers & shakers

February 2014
Stéphane Bancel

Syros Pharmaceuticals, a life sciences company using gene control for the treatment of cancer and other diseases, has announced that Stéphane Bancel has joined its board of directors


Future growth

Neil Eisberg, February 2014

Obesity is a major problem in the developed world, as we are all aware. However a report published by the UK think tank, the Overseas Development Institute, in early January 2014 held a big surprise