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Awards News

David Miller Travel Bursary recipient, Juniper Boroka Kiss, reports from Miami

15 Jul 2019

Juniper Boroka Kiss was awarded one of the 2019 David Miller Travel Bursaries to attend the 8th International Banana Congress held in Miami, US at the end of May 2019. Here, Juniper writes about her experience attending the international congress and the opportunities her trip provided.

Richardson Travel Bursary winner, Samir Diab, reports from Pittsburgh

09 Jul 2019

Samir Diab was awarded the Richardson Travel Bursary to attend the 2018 American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, USA. Here he tells us how the experience provided an opportunity for him to develop his presentation and communication skills, establish new contacts and enabled him to gain new insights into various research fields.