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Dr Mimi Hii, British Ramsay Fellow 1997-1998

Mimi Hii

‘My Fellowship was conducted in The School of Chemistry, University of Leeds. It was partly sponsored by the ICI Strategic Funding, to look into the development of new catalysts for C-C and C-X bond forming reactions. During my Ramsay Fellowship I produced a paper from my research, which was my first independent publication.

‘During my Ramsay Fellowship I was offered and accepted a lectureship position in Organic Chemistry, King's College London. In 2003 I took up the post of Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry at Imperial College London, and in 2009 I was promoted to Reader in Catalysis.

‘The award of the Ramsay Fellowship is truly a turning point in my life, in that it directed me firmly towards an academic career. It enables me to demonstrate that my work is of relevance academically and industrially (being part funded by the Trust and industry), which is key to my aspiration for chemical research. The annual Ramsay Dinner is also a highlight, in that it gave me the opportunity to meet many eminent scientists, as well as other Ramsay Fellows. In this tough economic climate, the work of the Ramsay Trust could not be underestimated.’

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