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19th February 2020
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Linked up energy

Posted 18/10/2011 by sevans

When considering renewable energy there is a tendency to talk about each particular alternative as if it is totally independent of any other potential energy source. When solar energy is discussed photovoltaic and water heating tend to be talked about separately as if they are not linked by the single source of their energy input – sunlight.

Recently, however, the first combined PV and solar heating systems have begun to appear. Such systems are starting to meet the energy usage requirements of most buildings. Whether those buildings are homes or offices and workplaces, they all require electricity for lighting, and possibly air conditioning, and some means to provide hot water as well as general heating. Combined systems offer a potentially effective and efficient option based on solar energy.

But renewable fuels are never discussed in connection with the generation of solar energy – they are transportation fuel alternatives. But all too often it is forgotten that they too share the same basic energy source – the sun.

So a recent announcement in the US provides an example of how solar energy might be used to provide both electricity and feedstock for the production of alternative bio-based fuels.

In Pittsboro, North Carolina, Miraverse Power and Light, a construction contractor; Piedmont Biofuels, a biodiesel producer and manufacturer of small-scale biodiesel production units; Southern Energy Management, which provides utility-scale PV systems; and a vegetable grower, Piedmont Biofarm, have come together through their Solar Double Cropping project to use the same land area for the production of both electricity and sustainable food crops at the same time.  

The project combines an elevated array of solar panels installed by Southern Energy Management above a field belonging to Piedmont Biofarm, which has been experimenting with crops that can be harvested at ground level. The array is nine feet above the ground to encourage the growth of crops that thrive in semi-shade. And while the initial work has been conducted with food crops, there is no reason why the same approach could not be used on marginal land where non-food crops could be grown exclusively for biofuel production.

As co-founder of Southern Energy Management Maria Kingery is reported to have commented: ‘We love this project because it challenges us to think about land use, climate change and where our food comes from, all at the same time.’

Neil Eisberg - Editor

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    14/10/2013 07:40

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  • Anonymous said:
    13/10/2013 06:39

    it costs a lot of money, unfortunately. im iolnvved with a project at the moment which is awaiting planning consent. we need power on a farm. to have mains electricity installed would cost a385,000. we are having a wind turbine, coupled with solar panels, and the necessary battery bank to store the power. even then, we may have to have a small diesel generator as absolute backup although we would rather not if at all possible. the lowest cost that we can achieve for this is a328000, and that is after any grant awarded and by doing all of the work ourselves except the actual connection and testing. it will take at least 15yrs to recouperate the money at todays electricity prices.its sad really, we have all this talk about going green and renewable energy, but how many people can put their hands in thir pockets for such amounts and then wait so long for the benefits? for the purposes of your project, you need to cost out for your power scource, cable,storage, and power converter.