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20th May 2013
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Computing clean energy Computing clean energy

High performance computing is supercharging research into clean energy solutions.

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Drug to ‘cure’ cravings

Cath O'Driscoll, May 2013

A compound found in the bark of an African bush may hold clues to the development of drugs for reversing a host of addictive behaviours from drug and alcohol abuse and even smoking and compulsive over-eating



Saving our soils

Amir Kassam, Laila Kassam and Cary Clark, May 2013

In April 2011, a dust storm in Northern Germany caused an 81 car pile-up killing seven people. What was the cause? Years of intensive soil tillage had left the uppermost layer of topsoil pulverised and exposed to wind and rain


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International Youth DayAugust 15, 2016


Applied highlights

Nigel P Freestone, May 2013

Tailoring the surface and interfacial properties of inexpensive and abundant carbon materials plays an increasingly important role for innovative applications, including those in electrocatalysis


Movers & shakers

May 2013
Albert Heuser

Also at BASF, Albert Heuser, president market and business development Asia Pacific, will assume responsibility for BASF’s market and business development, and operations in greater China


Allergy action plan

Michael Walker & Ian Axford, May 2013

Allergy is a major global health problem, bringing misery to millions of people, while also impacting on business and industry


Petrochemicals – a paler shade of green?

Dr Andrew Hunt, May 2013

The subject of green and clean sustainable energy, fuels and chemicals is an important topic for the scientific community and could hold the key to the long-term well-being of our planet


Dawn of Big Data

Neil Eisberg, May 2013

We are all aware of the term Big Pharma to describe the major pharmaceutical manufacturers, like Pfizer and GSK, and it has been used to convey the power that these companies have wielded in global markets through their so-called blockbuster drugs

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