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19th February 2020
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Chemical recycling

Lou Reade, 19/02/2020

Plastics producers say that chemical recycling – which converts waste polymers back into monomers – could boost recycling rates in future. Lou Reade reports

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Mind Matter

Anthony King, 19/02/2020

One rare piece of good news in the hunt for drugs for Alzheimer’s disease is a new antibody treatment that, if approved, could be the first disease-altering therapy ever, Anthony King reports

Saving the banana

Jasmin Fox-Skelly, 19/02/2020

Confirmation that a banana-killing fungus has invaded the Americas has put the world’s banana supply in jeopardy. Now geneticists are in a race against time to save the beloved fruit, reports Jasmin Fox-Skelly

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Wildfire and water

XiaoZhi Lim, 19/02/2020

Forests perform an often overlooked service – that of drinking water treatment. But as wildfires become more frequent and extreme, as currently in Australia, researchers are helping utility companies to fireproof drinking water treatment plants, XiaoZhi Lim reports

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