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29th April 2020
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Advanced materials

Arno Kraft, 27/04/2020

Levulinic acid is available in good yield from lignocellulose, a by-product of cellulose production. Its cyclisation to angelica lactones offers access to a new class of biomass-derived key intermediates in chemistry. One isomer in particular, β-angelica lactone, shows a notable structural resemblance to acrylates, which are industrially important. X.-J. Wang and M. Hong have managed to identify a suitable catalyst that was able to polymerise β-angelica lactone.
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Kevin Burgess, 27/04/2020

DNA encoded libraries (DELs) may be used on purified protein targets to find ligands that bind, but that requires a purified sample of the protein, which can be difficult to obtain. Krusmark and co-workers at Purdue have established a way to use DELs on living cells (J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2019, 141, 17057).
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