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SCI upgraded its website in 2009 and there are have been some changes, so this page will help you with the most common problems. All links on this page open in a new window.

1. Join SCI

Join us and get discounts on events, full access to Chemistry & Industry, SCI Forums, and other members-only pages. If you already have a guest account, see 6 below. Students should look at our Academic Partner page.

2. Already a member? Activate your account

You will need your membership number and e-mail address for the new site. Then go to the link below to activate your new account. You will be sent a password and a link to follow.

You must click on the link given to you in the e-mail to complete the process.

3. Sign in

First, make sure you have activated your account (see 2).

Go to the Sign-in page. If you lose this, it's on the top-right of any page.

Sign in with your e-mail address and password, which will have been sent to you. It's best to copy and paste this. A password dating from the old site (pre July 2009) will not work.

4. Not an SCI member? Become a Guest

You need to create a Guest Account to book an event or take part in our forums. If we have an e-mail address for you already, you will need to contact us for help.

5. Can't sign in?

If we have an e-mail address for you already (for example if you've previously attended one of our events) you will need to contact us for help.

You may also experience problems if you are using Internet Explorer 6, which is no longer supported by Microsoft.

6. I'm a Guest, and I want to join SCI

If you already have a guest account, sign in and go to the 'Join SCI/Register' link at the top of the page where you can choose between the SCI Membership or SCI e-Membership.

7. Do we have the right e-mail address?

Please let us know your e-mail address, and tell us if it's changed. Just contact membership@soci.org with your membership number.

8. Forgotten your password?

Click here and it will be sent to you.

9. Contact us

If you need technical help, please contact us:

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