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Group News

Health and Safety in Laboratories: Have We Got it Right? Conference Papers

Chemical Eye injury

Health and Safety in Laboratories: Have We Got It Right? was held at ALcontrol Laboratories on 12 November 2012.

Managing threats to drinking water supply


A total of 154 delegates attended the 5th Water Contamination Emergencies conference held at the impressive RWW Water Treatment Works conference facility just outside Mülheim an der Ruhr in Germany from 19 - 21 November 2012.

Collaborate to build a better future


SCI connects scientists and business people from a wide range of chemistry-using industries to advance the commercial application of chemistry and related sciences for public benefit. Our conferences increasingly result from collaboration between SCI groups and external partners.

Beginning the bacteria battle


This highly successful BSI/SCI and Materials KTN sponsored workshop - Antimicrobial Hard Surfaces: The Need for Suitable Standards - was run at BSI on 28 February 2012 at BSI, London, and attracted 68 delegates.

Prof Clive Thompson on climbing the career ladder

Prof Clive Thompson

We talk to SCI Trustee Prof Clive Thompson about his career and how he got to his current position as chief scientist at ALcontrol Laboratories, UK

Environment BS 10175 Conference Papers


BS 10175 'Investigation of Potentially Contaminated Sites - Code of Practice' 22 June 2011 Conference Papers

Interview with Tim White, consulting scientist

Tim White

Tim White has been a member of SCI since 1980, and has been involved with the Environment Group Committee. In 2001, he founded Marquis and Lord, a company of consulting scientists offering bespoke investigation and review services to the legal, insurance and engineering professions

Chemicals Stakeholder Forum

Joanne Lyall

Joanne Lyall represents SCI on the UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum which advises the UK government on managing risks to the environment and to health that may result from the production, distribution and use of chemicals.

Chief Scientific Adviser Sir John Beddington values SCI work on Anaerobic Digestion


Sir John Beddington, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government has told SCI he values its recent paper on biorenewables through anaerobic digestion, and said it will assist government departments in formulating an Anaerobic Digestion Action Plan.

Dr Geoff Fowler receives prestigious Lampitt Medal

Dr Geoff Fowler

Lampitt Medallist and Chairman of the Membership Advisory Committee Dr Geoff Fowler says he likes to give as much as he can and not admit defeat.