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Meet the Committee

Chair's message

Since the inception of the Horticulture Group in 2008, it has carved a niche for itself within SCI and expanded the Society’s range of interests. Despite our small size we have managed to maintain a momentum and we aim to continue to do so, keeping in mind the SCI strapline, ‘Where science meets business’.

Our aim is to cover all aspects of Horticulture, but focus our efforts on encouraging the transfer of new scientific knowledge and understanding into the industry. This includes at one end the colleges and universities training the scientists and managers of the future, the research departments generating new science and organisations such as botanic gardens which provide them with resources, new plants and new ideas. In the middle are the growers and producers of horticultural crops and the companies that supply them with the products and services to enable them to grow their crops - frequently the route by which new scientific advances reach them. Downstream are the supply-chain companies and food processors which ensure the produce reaches the consumer in a safe and palatable form.

We must not forget either that a significant part of our industry is concerned with improving the environment through plants, including; cut flowers, pot plants, public parks, public green spaces and private gardens. These need good science to ensure they are produced and managed efficiently and economically.

Our industry suffers a serious image problem. Unfortunately most people see 'horticulture' through garden centres, retail nurseries and other 'lifestyle' outlets, through town allotments and through gardening magazines and radio and TV gardening programmes. Some will recognise the contribution to filling supermarket shelves with fruit and vegetables although even then they will not stop to think of the logistic and scientific issues behind getting the produce there.

The Group aims to help promote the whole of the horticulture industry and the science behind it. We cannot do this alone which is why we wish to be part of and contribute to the SCI family. We need the added-value of the larger organisation and in return we wish to contribute added-value to SCI. We do not wish to be a Group in isolation but work with other 'Agri-Food' Groups wherever appropriate.

Tony Girard 
Horticulture Group

Committee biographies and photographs

Tony Girard

Mr Anthony Girard

Vice Chairman & Treasurer:
  P Hadley
 Alison Foster 2017 Dr Alison Foster
  Telecoms Co-ordinator:
Sue Grimbly

Mrs Sue Grimbly

  Events Co-ordinator:
Peter Grimbly

Mr Peter Grimbly

  Ordinary Members:
  Prof David Atkinson
  Mrs Susan McGrath-Cole
 Sebastian Eves-van den Akker, David Miller travel award recipient Prof Geoffrey Dixon
  Dr Sebastian Eves-van-den Akker
  Mr Chris Moncrieff
  Mr Donald Murray

Mr Julian Perfect
  Prof Leon Terry
  Miss Maragret Waddy
  Miss Joanna Wood

Ordinary Members:
Ordinary Members:

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