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Lister Lecture Lister Memorial Lecture 2016:
Antimicrobial Resistance - The Global Problem,
presented by Prof Dame Sally Davies
8 June 2016

Welcome to SCI

SCI is a unique multi-science and multidisciplinary forum where science meets business.

SCI Themes

SCI promotes Innovation and Education via forums and networks which support the delivery of our charitable aim to advance the commercial application of chemistry related sciences into business.

SCI was established by Royal Charter in 1881, by a prominent group of forward thinking Scientists, Inventors and Business people; with founder members going on to set up major businesses producing many of the daily products we recognise today.

Join SCI today to share and exchange information, ideas, innovations and research. Members have access to a growing network of member specialists from sectors as diverse as food and agrisciences, environment, energy, materials and health and well-being.

Today at SCI

Energy StorageEnergy Storage: Will Life Ever Be the Same? Dr Jill Cainey, The Electricity Storage Network, 2 June. Join the SCI Energy Group on 2 June when Dr Jill Cainey, Director of the UK's Electricity Storage Network will introduce us to the rapidly developing area of energy storage. A question and answer session with an expert panel (Adriana Luguna-Estopier, UK Power Networks; Dr Mark Powell, Capgemini; Simon Daniel, Moixa Technology) will follow Dr Cainey's talk - come along and join the discussion.

Meet our members:

Sarah Hedberg‘The 2015 Rideal Travel Bursary to attend the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE) annual meeting held in Utah, USA in November 2015, gave me the opportunity to present papers in three different sessions covering the main parts of my PhD, both the experimental and the modelling sides. During the talks I had many valuable discussions with both industrial and academic experts and the chance to give oral presentations to quite a number of experts in the field has given me increased confidence in both my research and public speaking. The questions taken at the end of the presentations provided me with feedback of great value confirming my scientific knowledge and the future ideas I have for my research. I would like to thank the SCI Rideal Trust for awarding me the travel grant, I am incredibly grateful for all experiences gained during that week.’
Sarah Hedberg
PhD Student, Imperial College London


3d Printer

3D printed cartilage
Three-D printing of ears, noses and damaged cartilage in the knees may soon be easier and cheaper following the launch of a ‘portable and affordable’ 3D printer for fixing damaged human cartilage in November 2015.