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C&I Magazine

16 September 2016

International Youth Day - missed opportunities? asks C&I's blog

    Sir Colin Berry Image Public Evening Lecture:
    Sir Colin Berry: What Have They Put in my Food; should I worry?
    25 October 2016

    Welcome to SCI

    SCI is a unique multi-science and multidisciplinary forum where science meets business.

    SCI Themes

    SCI promotes Innovation and Education via forums and networks which support the delivery of our charitable aim to advance the commercial application of chemistry related sciences into business.

    SCI was established by Royal Charter in 1881, by a prominent group of forward thinking Scientists, Inventors and Business people; with founder members going on to set up major businesses producing many of the daily products we recognise today.

    Join SCI today to share and exchange information, ideas, innovations and research. Members have access to a growing network of member specialists from sectors as diverse as food and agrisciences, environment, energy, materials and health and well-being.

    Today at SCI

    Plugging the antibiotic gapAlways Outnumbered,
    Finally Outgunned?

    The one-day symposium Plugging the Antibiotics Gap: A Medicinal Chemist's Perspective will explore the current state-of-the-art in antimicrobial research and bring together leading exponents in the field.
    Poster and Early Bird deadline: 30 Sep 2016

    Meet our members:

    Giorgia GiovanniniIn 2016 Giorgia Giovannini was awarded a Rideal Travel Bursary to support her attendance at the Gordon Research Conference, at Salve Regina University, Newport, USA.

    ‘Gordon Research Conferences strive to be on the frontier of science and I can totally confirm that this year’s meeting achieved just that. All invited key-note speakers were presenting unpublished data which helped to understand the current challenges and opportunities in the field.

    ‘I was invited to present my project during the symposium. It was the first time my project was exposed in front of an external scientific audience, which was an amazing opportunity. The ample presentation time during the poster sections, offered me an excellent opportunity to showcase my research to all conference attendees and network with my peers. I had many interesting chats with my fellow delegates.

    ‘My project is focused on developing a fluorescent device capable of bacterial detection. So far, the substrate has been proved in presence of enzymes. The next step will be to analyse the device in the presence of bacteria. Learning from researchers that have experiences with bacteria assays is important for me in order to define this next fundamental step. The poster sessions was the perfect environment to share knowledge and to prove my networking skills.

    ‘I want to thank the SCI-RSC Rideal Trust for supporting my participation in this important meeting and helping me to advance my career as a researcher.’

    Giorgia Giovannini
    University of Kent


      3D printerThree-D printing of ears, noses and damaged cartilage in the knees may soon be easier and cheaper following the launch of a ‘portable and affordable’ 3D printer for fixing damaged human cartilage.