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America Group Awards

The American International Group has a number of prestigious awards:

The Perkin Medal

The Perkin Medal is recognised as one of the highest honours given for outstanding work in the American Industrial Chemistry Research and Development in the United States. The Perkin Medal is bestowed upon scientists and engineers who have made outstanding contributions to the improvement of the quality of life. It commemorates the discovery of the first synthetic dye (the so-called Perkin mauve) by Sir William Henry Perkin in 1856 (more information). This discovery was a significant step forward in organic chemistry that led to the birth of a major segment of the chemical industry.

The Perkin Medal was first awarded to Sir William at a banquet held by SCI in New York in 1906. Since then, more than 90 such awards have been given to notable scientists. The medal is now awarded at a prestigious annual Perkin Medal Dinner.

The Chemical Industry Medal

The Chemical Industry Medal was established in 1933 and honours an individual whose leadership, commitment and contributions have been responsible for substantial progress and performance in the chemical industry. It replaced the coveted Grasselli Medal, which had been sponsored by the Grasselli Chemical Company and awarded by SCI America for more than a decade. Presentation of the Chemical Industry Medal is made annually to a recipient selected by the Executive Committee of the America International Group.

This medal is a testimonial to men and women whose leadership, foresight and contributions to applied chemistry have been, to a considerable degree, responsible for the growth of that industry. The medal has attained distinction be reason of the outstanding achievements and calibre of those who have been honoured.

Gordon E Moore Medal

The Gordon E Moore Medal is named after the co-founder of Intel Corporation and author of Moore's Law. The Medal recognises a significant innovation made by an industrial scientist less than 45 years of age. As a young chemist, Moore helped to create the semiconductor industry. In choosing the Moore Medal recipient, SCI recognises an outstanding individual who has developed a breakthrough innovation making a significant impact on a company's business by creating a new market, expanding an existing market, or commercialising new process technology. Other criteria include the importance of illuminating emerging areas of applied chemistry in the 21st century and demonstrating the positive impact of applied chemistry on our quality of life.

Perkin Scholarship

The annual Perkin Scholarship award comprises a $5,000 scholarship to a student from a university selected by the Perkin Award winner of that year. The Perkin Medal Scholarship programme has been established to recognise and reward outstanding performance and potential in the advanced study of applied chemistry or related sciences, and to broaden awareness of the Perkin Medal and contributions to society that this award represents. It is awarded at the prestigious Perkin Medal Dinner.

SCI Scholars (US)

Industrial summer Internships for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Undergraduates. This award is put together in collaboration with the American Chemical Society (ACS), and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). It was developed to introduce chemistry and chemical engineering students to careers in the chemical industry. SCI Scholars receive $6,000-$9,000 for a ten-week internship. Students are awarded a certificate and an additional $1000, which can be used for any purpose, such as participation at an ACS or AIChE meeting. Scholars also nominate a high school chemistry teacher for recognition. Teachers are then awarded a certificate from SCI and $1,000, which can be used for professional development or classroom materials.

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