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SCI® is a global network of innovators using science to tackle some of the big societal challenges of today, across climate and planet and health and wellness.

AstraZeneca CEO Sir Pascal Soriot awarded prestigious SCI President's Medal

AstraZeneca’s Chief Executive Officer receives prestigious SCI honour for his role in accelerating scientific innovation and for leading the company’s global Covid-19 vaccination programme.

AGM 2024: Nominations are now open

Ahead of the 2024 AGM, nominations are now open for numerous governance positions within SCI.

To achieve our charitable objective of supporting and promoting innovation and industry for the benefit of society, SCI needs the support and involvement of its active and dedicated members.

Bog myrtle key to sustainable ethylene inhibition

Collaborative research between Syngenta, UCL and Royal Holloway reveals benefits of Myrica gale.

Can we engineer our way out of climate crisis?

Limiting greenhouse gas emissions is one way to fight climate change – but there are more radical approaches, too, as Jasmin Fox-Skelly reports.

Highlights in Medicinal Chemistry V

1 October 2024 - This meeting aims to showcase vignettes of modern medicinal chemistry to bring new thinking to the subject, challenge perceptions and encourage scientific interaction between researchers.

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