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SCI (Society of Chemical Industry) is a global network of innovators, formed in 1881 by prominent scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs, who went on to form the products, processes and companies that propelled society forward. SCI is the place where science meets business.

Nurturing an emergent, chemistry-based business – experience from the sharp end

Join us for this event, showcasing three case studies that illustrate the excitement and challenges faced in getting your new or emerging enterprise growing.

Bright SCIdea Challenge 2022

Join the competition - Registrations for the Bright SCIdea Challenge 2022 are now open. If you are a student at university in the UK or abroad, register now. For more details, follow the link below.

Chemistry & Industry Magazine

Issue 9 2021 of Chemistry & Industry (C&I) Magazine features the problems with treated textiles, good news for food production, machine learning and anti-virals and biosurfactants bonanza as well as other features, news, comments and articles.

SCI' s free public talks

Human health, climate change, crop protection, and air quality are just some of the many challenges that the world is facing. If you are interested in finding out how chemistry is impacting on these pressing issues, and more, then our free SCItalks are for you.

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