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Robinson College IEX 2016: Technical Training Courses
4 - 5 July 2016
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Welcome to SCI

SCI is a unique multi-science and multidisciplinary forum where science meets business.

SCI Themes

SCI promotes Innovation and Education via forums and networks which support the delivery of our charitable aim to advance the commercial application of chemistry related sciences into business.

SCI was established by Royal Charter in 1881, by a prominent group of forward thinking Scientists, Inventors and Business people; with founder members going on to set up major businesses producing many of the daily products we recognise today.

Join SCI today to share and exchange information, ideas, innovations and research. Members have access to a growing network of member specialists from sectors as diverse as food and agrisciences, environment, energy, materials and health and well-being.

Today at SCI

TomatoesVisit to Chelsea
Physic Gardens

Organised by SCI's Horticulture Group this visit will see a guided tour of the garden, which was founded in 1673 as the Apothecaries' Garden, followed by tea in the cafe.

Meet our members:

Victoria CunninghamVictoria Cunningham was awarded a 2015 Rideal Travel Bursary for her placement at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia: ‘I am currently studying for a PhD under the supervision of Prof Steve Armes at the University of Sheffield. I was given the opportunity to study at the University of Newcastle in Australia for two-months under the supervision of Prof Erica Wanless. The aim of my project was to study the dynamics of coalescence of giant (millimetre-sized) Pickering droplets stabilised using some of the diblock copolymer nanoparticles prepared at the University of Sheffield during my PhD and as a result of my work at the University of Newcastle we are hoping to publish two papers. I would like to thank Prof Erica Wanless for giving me the opportunity to work at the University of Newcastle as well as for the support and useful discussions along the way. I would also like to thank Prof Steve Armes for allowing me to undertake this project, and the SCI-RSC Rideal Trust for the financial contribution towards travelling to this placement.’

Victoria Cunningham
PhD student, University of Sheffield


3D printerThree-D printing of ears, noses and damaged cartilage in the knees may soon be easier and cheaper following the launch of a ‘portable and affordable’ 3D printer for fixing damaged human cartilage.