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7th January 2016
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pvc recycling

PVC recycling fears

Maria Burke, January 2016
The European Commission should not authorise the recycling of plastics that contain the banned softener DHEP


Hand shake

Cautious optimism

Neil Sinclair, January 2016
This year has already begun to fulfil some of its promise to be a pivotal one for the world economy and global chemicals industry


Slug troubleMay 12, 2015


Journey to sustainability

Douglas Leech, January 2016
I have always perceived the topic of ‘sustainability’ with a degree of scepticism, a view that I seem to share with many people working in the SME sector.


Jargon-free science

Ralf Barkemeyer, January 2016
Different parts of society all have a role to play in overcoming major global challenges. Private governance, multi-stakeholder initiatives and public-private partnerships


Movers & shakers

January 2016

The board of Baxter International has named José Almeida as chairman and ceo.


Changing climate

Neil Eisberg, January 2016
Global emissions of greenhouse gases have slowed right down – at least that is what a new report from the Global Carbon Project (GCP) says.


Organic chemistry

G Richardson Stephenson, January 2016
The removal of an electron from a cyclic p-polyphenylene to form a radical cation (eg 1) introduces a ‘hole’ but surprising effects have been identified with larger ring-sizes

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