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17th April 2015
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March 2015



New rules for GM

Maria Burke, April 2015
A new law on GM crop cultivation in the EU comes into force in April 2015, potentially clearing the way for a wave of market authorisations after years of deadlock.


London City Airport

Green skies ahead

Elisabeth Jeffries, April 2015
Biofuel from waste is a promise still to be fulfilled. However, a pioneering project, led by British Airways (BA), which is due to begin at the end of 2015, could go some way to achieving this goal.


Dancing with the budgetMarch 23, 2015



Kevin Burgess, April 2015
Pasquale et al, while continuing to use phage display to find Eph4R ligands, crystallised a complex of the ligand binding domain with a disulfide linked 12-mer


Movers & shakers

April 2015
Bristol-Myers Squibb has announced leadership changes. Giovanni Caforio will become ceo and Lamberto Andreotti will become executive chairman.


Fully immersed

Klaus Allion, April 2015
There are few things sexier in the world of technology right now than the rather cryptically entitled Internet of Things.


Energy boost

Neil Eisberg, April 2015

Energy has once again been in the headlines, with the EU’s proposals for a European wide energy policy Ð something that has been called for over many years.


A dream come true

George B. Kauffman, April 2015
Ahmed Zewail, the Egyptian-born chemist, was the first PhD graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, US, to receive the Nobel chemistry prize.

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