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16th September 2016
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February 2016


Asia smog

Asia polution toll

Maria Burke, September 2016
Coal burning caused 366,000 premature deaths in China in 2013, mainly due to the fine particulates (PM2.5) it produces, according to a new study.


Paper cups and barista

Wake up and smell the eco-ffee

Lou Reade, September 2016
The popularity of takeaway coffee has led to a surge in disposable cups, but the problem now is to work out how to recycle them effectively.


International Youth DayAugust 15, 2016



Kevin Burgess, September 2016
Kit Lam is probably the main intellectual driving force behind the application of one-bead-one-compound (OBOC) libraries (prepared via split syntheses).


Political action is needed

Simon Cotton, September 2016
Fifty years or so ago, when I was young, the message from the media was that the next Ice Age was on its way. Just as the Mediaeval Warm Period was seen to have changed into the Little Ice Age, covering the 16th to 18th centuries


R&D externalisation

Paul Bruton, September 2016
R&D intensive companies are increasingly working with external laboratories, involving commercial and academic collaborations and alliances.


Movers & shakers

September 2016
Envigo Holuka

At Citius Pharmaceuticals, Eugene Holuka has been appointed to the company’s board.


Not all gloom

Neil Eisberg, September 2016
Despite the gloom and doom about the UK’s future after the pro-Brexit referendum vote, the picture is not as bad as predicted.