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12th September 2014
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September 2014


Lab rat

Lab rat brain created

Anthony King, September 2014

Scientists have created a 3D tissue similar to the rat brain. The tissue could offer a better way of studying normal brain function as well as injury and disease, say bioengineers at Tufts University, Boston, US.


Medical nanorobots

Right on target

Maria Burke, September 2014

Most of the drugs we take are swallowed or injected. But how a pharmaceutical is administered can reduce its effect


Academic Posters

SCI Members Forum 2013

A rare consensusMay 22, 2014


Advanced materials

Arno Kraft, September 2014

The most common methods for cleaning up oil spills rely on mechanical devices


Movers & shakers

September 2014

Adrian Percy, the former senior vp of global regulatory affairs within Bayer CropScience, has taken over the position of global head of R&D. Percy will also become a member of the Bayer CropScience executive committee.


On the up

Neil Eisberg, September 2014

The chemical sector in the EU and US looks as if it is recovering, with positive growth figures on both sides of the Atlantic.


Nanotechnology – safety first

Robert Landsiedel, September 2014

A decade ago, we realised that nanotechnology would offer great opportunities to improve our lives.


Smell the roses

Simon Cotton, September 2014

Smell is the most chemical of the senses; I’ve said that before, but it’s true. We’re molecular beings and chemicals are involved in all our senses

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