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7th March 2016
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February 2016


Coloured TEM of elastin fibroblast and collagen

Fantastic elastin

Maria Burke, March 2016
Elastin is one of the body’s most long-lasting proteins. It’s also remarkably flexible, allowing skin to stretch and twist, blood vessels to expand and relax with every heartbeat, and lungs to swell and contract with each breath.


Rubbish on beach

Plastics come good

Lou Reade, March 2016
The issue of plastic waste is back in the headlines: the oceans are awash with tiny plastic particles, while landfill sites are bursting at the seams with burger boxes, discarded toys and other plastic debris.


Water, water everywhereApril 26, 2016


Pesticide use – the way forward

Alan Baylis, March 2016
Pesticides cover
If farmers are to continue to increase productivity in a sustainable way, innovation and compromise will be necessary. Farm outputs must be increased without encroaching further into forests and wilderness to cultivate more land


Movers & shakers

March 2016
Michelle Jou has been named as head of Covestro’s polycarbonates segment, succeeding Markus Steilemann, who has become head of the polyurethanes segment.



Kevin Burgess, March 2016
Favourable parameters for MRI agents include coordination spheres with just the right number of bound water molecules to induce favourable NMR signal delay parameters (T1 and T2), strong association constants for gadolinium, and favourable pharmacokinetic and dynamic parameters.


Lowdown on oil prices

Stan Higgins, March 2016
The continued lowering of oil prices has been welcomed by many consumers as their transport fuel and other domestic energy costs have declined. However the fact that we have a short term economic gain is probably masking severe problems ahead.


Deja vu all over again!

Neil Eisberg, March 2016
Among the many remarks attributed to US baseball star Yogi Berra, one seems particularly relevant in the light of recent events: ‘It’s deja vu all over again’. Rather than baseball, however, in this case his comment would appear to apply very well to the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.