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9th October 2015
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Issue 10



A buzz about bees

Maria Burke, October 2015
Dow AgroSciences says it disagrees with a US court ruling that revokes approval of one its insecticides, sulfoxaflor, a neonicotinoid linked to toxicity in bees.



Gene genius

Helen Carmichael, October 2015
In the early 2000s, Rudolphe Barrangou and Philippe Horvath, at Danish biobased food company Danisco, made a surprising discovery about bacterial immunity.


Slug troubleMay 12, 2015


Keep eating oily fish

John Mann, October 2015
Try to convince an asthma or eczema sufferer of the beneficial effects of inflammation, and a rude response is guaranteed.


Lack of respect

Neil Eisberg, October 2015
What do you think of when you hear the word ‘respect’? If you are a movie fan then you might think of The Godfather – and the respect Don Corleone felt that he was due as the head of his Mafia family.


Movers & shakers

October 2015
Two distinguished chemists from the University of York, UK, have been awarded prestigious Royal Society prizes for their contributions to science.



Kevin Burgess & Andreas Ehnbom, October 2015
Aza-BODIPY dyes are useful fluors that absorb and emit at longer wavelengths than typical BODIPY dyes or fluoresceins.


Sustainability matters

Peter Licence, October 2015

As the population of our planet continues to grow, there is a pressing need to satisfy the energy and material needs of everyone.

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