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13th February 2015
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February 2015


Fracking protestors

Fracking study in the balance

Maria Burke, February 2015
Plans by the British Geological Survey (BGS) to provide unique real-time data from a shale gas operation over its whole life-cycle hang in the balance as programme managers await


Caddis fly

Stick insects

Maria Burke, February 2015
If you’ve ever tried to put a plaster on your finger when it is wet, then you’ll know getting things to stick to wet surfaces is tricky.


Education for allFebruary 18, 2015


Energy from waste

Stan Higgins, February 2015
Around the world, waste to energy technology is being installed at a pace.


Movers & shakers

February 2015

Portuguese researcher Alexandra Antunes has been awarded the €100,000 LRI Innovative Science award, one of Europe’s largest research grants for early career scientists.


Analytical chemistry

Tom MCreedy, February 2015
Both chlorine and bromine can be found in samples of coal and although chlorine is an essential element for humans, animals and plants, both elements can be toxic.


Accidents will happen

Chris Cooksey, February 2015
One December morning in 1984, I and around 100 other first-year chemistry students settled down in a lecture hall to hear the next instalment of the introductory course on general and inorganic chemistry.


Oil be back

Neil Eisberg, February 2015
With plummeting oil prices, which have effectively halved since summer 2014, and the possibility of even more falls being on the cards, there has been good news for many

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