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27th June 2017
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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Alzheimers Alzheimer's 



Still in, but out

Maria Burke, June 2017
Flying in the face of President Trump’s announcement he would withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in June, Hawaii became the first US state to put into law its pledge to honour the agreement, with two state bills committed to cutting emissions and publishing greenhouse gas levels.



Dyeing for change

Kathryn Roberts, June 2017
Kathryn Roberts reports on the application of synthetic biology and other naturally-based approaches to the production of dyestuffs



Neil Eisberg, June 2017
Julia Goodfellow
The Royal Society of Biology (RSB) has appointed Julia Goodfellow as president, succeeding Jean Thomas. Goodfellow is currently vc of the University of Kent and president of Universities UK.


Business digest

C&I, June 2017

Review the latest news and developments from the sector.


Sun King rules

Neil Eisberg, June 2017

Hard on the heels of the news about the decline, some might call it the death, of King Coal in UK power generation, comes the news that solar energy achieved a new record in the UK in late May 2017 (C&I, 2017, 4, 4). Solar power made up 25% of the UK’s energy mix on the afternoon of 26 May, a weekday, generating 8.7GW of power, more than coal and nuclear combined, and second only to gas-fired generation.