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8th August 2016
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February 2016


Nano submarine in vessel

Silk micro-rockets deliver

Maria Burke, August 2016

A tiny self-propelling rocket made from silk has been produced by inkjet printing – and shows potential for use in future drug delivery systems.


Alien planet and Helic Nebula

Life among the stars

Michael Gross, August 2016
A nearly 100-year-old spectroscopic recording of starlight has recently been recognised as the earliest evidence of exoplanets that orbit other stars.


International Youth DayAugust 15, 2016


Definitely out

Neil Eisberg, August 2016

In the febrile atmosphere since the unexpected referendum result to leave the EU, there has been uproar over whether it is legal, and even calls for a second referendum in order to get the ‘right’ result.


Movers & shakers

August 2016
Helen Lee

At the European Inventor Award 2016 ceremony in Lisbon, UK scientist Helen Lee been awarded the Popular Prize for her invention of robust and cost-efficient diagnostic kits for infectious diseases such as HIV in resource-poor regions.



Kevin Burgess, August 2016
Pentelute et al, in two consecutive papers, report systematic optimisation of acylation reactions of peptide electrophiles via acyl azides


Sustainability in principle

Martin Adams, August 2016
Dire warnings voiced about the long-term consequences of contemporary practices – social, economic and cultural – have been with us throughout recorded history.