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19th May 2015
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May 2015


Lupin field

Lupin alternative to soya

Anthony King, May 2015
Imports of soya for animal feed in the UK and Europe could be replaced by home grown lupins, which would reduce costs, cut carbon emissions and even save rainforest.


Red planet Mars

Space farming

Jon Evans, May 2015
On the International Space Station (ISS), fresh food is the ultimate luxury. Each pound of food costs around $10,000 to send to the ISS


Slug troubleMay 12, 2015


Applied highlights

Nigel P Freestone, May 2015
A catalyst that can perform a remarkable feat found only in nature: taking nitrogen from the air and turning it into ammonia under natural conditions, has been developed


Movers and shakers

May 2015
The Sanofi board has appointed Olivier Brandicourt, right, as ceo. Following his departure as chairman of the board of management of Bayer HealthCare, Werner Baumann, member of the board of management of Bayer, has taken over the function.


Big Blue’s story

Michael Gross, May 2015
Astronomers are discovering alien worlds at an unprecedented rate. As of 29 January 2015, the Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia lists 1888 confirmed planets orbiting a star that isn’t our Sun.


Battle to control Hg

Dmitriy Malinovskiy, May 2015
Mercury is a known poison, highlighted as a priority hazardous substance by the European Union, yet the levels that we are exposed to in the environment are rising.


War on bugs

Neil Eisberg, May 2015
The lack of new antibiotics is making headlines again on both sides of the Atlantic, with interventions from the UK prime minister and the US president.

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