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8th August 2014
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August 2014


London fog

Fairer forecasting

Elisabeth Jeffries, August 2014

A new air quality forecasting service has been given the go-ahead by the EU. The launch of the service is linked to the release of five satellites, known as Sentinels



Smoking gun

Emma Dorey, August 2014

Electronic cigarettes are increasingly popular, but vary greatly and lack regulatory oversight. Some health campaigners are convinced that, as an alternative to conventional cigarettes, they can greatly reduce the damage done by smoking.


Academic Posters

SCI Members Forum 2013

A rare consensusMay 22, 2014


Movers & Shakers

August 2014

Dieter Weinand has been named president of Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals.



Nature’s untapped antibiotic arsenal

Matthew Hutchings, August 2014

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) was recently described as a bigger threat than terrorism, while UK PM David Cameron suggested we are in danger of going back to the Dark Ages of medicine


Carbon cages

George B. Kauffman, August 2014

In November 1985, British chemist Harold W. Kroto and Texas chemists Robert F. Curl, Jr., Richard E. Smalley, and their research teams, published their definitive article


Applied highlights

Nigel P Freestone, August 2014

The conversion of body heat into electrical energy using a thermoelectric (TE) power generator is useful for wearable self-powered mobile electronic systems, such as medical sensors or smart watches.



Neil Eisberg, August 2014

Data and information technology are the watchwords of industry today, and nowhere more so than in the pharma sector.

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