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22nd June 2015
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May 2015



Sunflower enzyme

Maria Burke, June 2015
A new dual-purpose enzyme has been found in sunflowers. As well as slicing proteins, it can glue them together.


Blue spoon

Culinary delights

Emma Davies, June 2015
Every two weeks, select groups of diners have been coming together in London, UK, to be part of an audio-visual experiment to delve into ‘synaesthesia’, a neurological state where the senses are connected.


Slug troubleMay 12, 2015


Movers & shakers

June 2015
Harry Swan, md of Thomas Swan in Consett, has been appointed to the governing board of the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK.


Biology made simple

Cath O'Driscoll, June 2015
Ten years ago, James Brown joked about being able to ‘design bacteria’ from his laptop on the beach.


Creative leadership

Martin Brooks, June 2015

Successful drug development calls for a strong creative element alongside scientific expertise.



Kevin Burgess, June 2015
Bombesin is a peptide that binds to the gastrin releasing peptide receptor, which is overexpressed in prostate, lung and gastrointestinal cancers.


Away with the fairies

John Emsley, June 2015
Belief in fairies, ghosts, goblins and dragons was bound to disappear once the scientific revolution got under way in the 17th century.

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