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6th November 2014
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November 2014



Smarter windows

Anthony King, November 2014
Smart windows become darker or lighter in response to sunlight.  However, savings are currently limited as they need energy from an external power source



Farm of the future

Jon Evans, November 2014
For the past 1000 years or so, farming has advanced by thinking bigger: fields have got larger, farm machinery has become more powerful and crop inputs have proliferated.


Academic Posters

SCI Members Forum 2013

Diagnostics and defenceNovember 19, 2014


Analytical chemistry

Tom McCreedy, November 2014
Copper is used as an electrical conductor therefore has widespread applications; it is also often found at crime scenes, for example, from improvised devices, or has been stolen, for example, cable theft.


Nanoscale reflections

Andrei Khlobystov, November 2014
It is reassuring to know that if you cut a 1g piece of any given material, say a gold coin, into halves, each half will have physical and chemical properties identical to the original piece.


Action on STEM

Sa'ad Medhat, November 2014
Technology is transforming the world. No one can avoid it. Scientists can already map out the human genome.


Movers & shakers

November 2014
BioConsortia has expanded its executive team to include Christina Huben as senior vp operations & administration and Susan Turner as senior vp, research & development.


Biotech boom

Neil Eisberg, November 2014

UK biotech and biosciences are booming, and now represent the largest bioscience cluster in Europe, developing over 450 product candidates in 2013

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