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6th August 2015
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August 2015


Home page news zeolites

Biggest zeolites

Anthony King, August 2015
Researchers have discovered a new family of complex zeolites – including some of the largest zeolites ever made – that promise to be useful for carbon dioxide capture.


Home page faeture catalysis

Nature's masterclass

Michael Gross, August 2015
Industrial catalysts often rely on noble metals like platinum and rhodium, unlike nature, which uses small clusters of elements like iron and copper embedded in enzymes.


Slug troubleMay 12, 2015


Movers & shakers

August 2015
Andrew Jamieson has become the 75th president of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE).


The language of science

Dennis Rouvray, August 2015

It was never a foregone conclusion that English would become the international language of science, and only in comparatively recent times has English managed established itself in this role.



Kevin Burgess, August 2015
Kuhne and co-workers, mostly from Berlin, report syntheses of Pro-Pro mimetics including ProM-1 and ProM-2


Chemistry’s impact

Jonathan Adams, August 2015
The UK spends 4% of its GDP on R&D and is home to 6% of the world’s researchers. These researchers in turn are the authors of 8% of the world’s research papers


It's hard being small

Neil Eisberg, August 2015
Despite being home to a number of multinational chemical concerns, from publicly-owned majors like BASF and Bayer, through Solvay to privately held Ineos...