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23rd January 2015
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December 2014


Girl with dog

Bayer’s chain of life

Neil Eisberg, January 2015
During the course of evolution, the processes inside living organisms have remained surprisingly similar.


Horse cow

Counterfeit food

Lou Reade, January 2015
The presence of ‘rogue’ horsemeat in products sold as beef has focused attention on the shortcomings of European food supply chains, and on analytical testing regimes.


Suffering rejectionJanuary 30, 2015


The solar revolution

Michael Gross, January 2015
Solar cover

Ahead of the UN one-day summit on climate change in New York, US, on the 23 September 2014, a report by the Global Commission


Creative celebration

Neil Eisberg, January 2015
What do you do when you want to celebrate a birthday anniversary, especially a big one? Go for a slap-up meal or throw a party for friends and family?


Movers & shakers

January 2015

The international Science Award Electrochemistry from Volkswagen and BASF for 2014 has been given to Vanessa Wood


Kitchen laboratory

Jeff Potter, January 2015
The kitchen is the best laboratory I’ve ever known. Every day is another experiment, another chance to learn something new.


Applied highlights

Nigel P Freestone, January 2015
An efficient process has been developed for converting cellulose into n-hexane and other alkanes that can then be turned into biofuels and bio-derived chemical building blocks

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