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7th April 2014
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April 2014


Neurona apoptosis in Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer’s: the missing link

Jasmin Fox-Skelly, April 2014

Characterised by steady cognitive decline, loss of memory and increasing confusion, the cause of Alzheimer’s disease has long eluded scientists.



Waste to energy

Neil Eisberg, April 2014

In 2011, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated that the US produced 250m t of municipal solid waste (MSW), but 54% went unutilised, ending up in landfill


Academic Posters

SCI Members Forum 2013

A Saharan smogApril 09, 2014


Movers and shakers

April 2014
The Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine has been awarded to the Italian biochemist Elena Conti, director of the department of structural cell biology at the Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Munich


In the headlights

Neil Eisberg, April 2014

Energy intensive industries in the UK, including the chemical sector, all welcomed the Chancellor’s announcements in his March 2014 budget speech regarding energy costs.


Making it happen

George B. Kauffman, April 2014

Numerous examples of catalysis, both homogeneous and heterogeneous, had been discovered early in the 19th century by Humphry Davy, Louis Jacques Thenard, Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner, Michael Faraday, and others.



Kevin Burgess, April 2014

Differentiation of cell types, eg normal vs cancer, is important in diagnosis and targeting.


Reinventing IP

Michael Ellis, April 2014

It is ‘the oil of the 21st century,’ according to Getty Images chairman Mark Getty. But he’s not referring to data or water – but rather to intellectual property.