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17th July 2014
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July 2014 cover



Spider venom aids bees

Maria Burke, July 2014

A novel pesticide made from spider venom has been found to be safe for honeybees despite being highly toxic to a number of key insect pests.



Plastic wars

Lou Reade, July 2014

The European Union (EU) has decided that plastic shopping bags are the new scourge of society – they clog landfill sites, pollute rivers and litter town centres – so it is on a mission to start weaning its citizens off them.


Academic Posters

SCI Members Forum 2013

A rare consensusMay 22, 2014


 Data drama

Mark Hahnel, July 2014

Imagine if you lost all of the scientific data you’d been collecting for four years. This nightmare situation actually happened to biologist Billy Hinchen, whose laptop and all his backup hard drives were stolen.


Analytical chemistry

Tom McCreedy, July 2014

Thin layer chromatography is a widely used separation tool for a vast range of applications; however, the separation efficiency can at times be low.


Curds and whey

Simon Cotton, July 2014

Possibly the most famous literary association with cheese occurs in Émile Zola’s novel, Le Ventre de Paris (The Belly of Paris), which describes the cheese stall where the Roqueforts ‘under their glass covers also had a princely air


Movers & Shakers

July 2014

Anita Zeidler (University of Bath) has been awarded the 2014 B T M Willis Prize for neutron scattering in recognition of her studies of a wide range of materials including water, and their interactions at the atomic and molecular level.


 Food crisis?

Neil Eisberg, July 2014

Food security has increased during 2013, according to the DuPont-sponsored 2014 Global Food Security Index from The Economist Intelligence Unit.