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Corporate Partners


SCI is delighted to be working with a selection of companies and organisations through our Corporate Partnership scheme. Through this programme, any employer, large or small, can invest in their staff by offering them SCI membership.

Corporate Partners recognise the value of SCI's global network of forward-looking scientists, researchers, business leaders, students and engineers, so they fund their employees' annual subscriptions to SCI. This way, they enable horizon-expanding opportunities for their employees and give them access to a wealth of resources.

What is the Corporate Partnership scheme?

The SCI Corporate Partnership scheme was launched to enable companies to support individual employees' participation in a network that helps them stay abreast of new developments in their field of expertise, as they exchange and share information and ideas with peers.

There are two bands of Corporate Partnership: Silver and Gold. Each requires a minimum number of new or renewing Members to be eligible to take advantage of the range of benefits offered.

Corporate Partner rates

Band Minimum Number
of Members
Discounted Individual
Member Fee
Silver 20 £67.50
Gold 100 £60.30

Who are SCI's Corporate Partners?

What are the tax implications?

SCI membership subscriptions are subject to tax relief in the UK and can therefore be claimed back.

What are the benefits?

As your company funds individual employee subscriptions, the benefits of membership are extended throughout the organisation as employee members spread the benefits reaped from their membership. Many of our Members frequently tell us that our network helps improve and build on their knowledge of the sector that they are involved in, making them more productive and proactive in their roles. Others say that they renew year after year due to the new ideas and business contacts that result from their new acquaintances through the network.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who can apply for Corporate Partnership?
    Any company, organisation or institute is invited to apply for Corporate Partnership status.
  • Is there an annual fee for the Company?
    No. All Members registered through the Corporate Partnership scheme will be individual Members of SCI, because SCI is an individual Member association. There is no company joining fee, as in fact companies cannot be registered as members of this Society in the UK.
  • What happens if we have employees who were already Members of SCI before we became a Corporate Partner?
    The individual's subscription will continue under the same terms as when he/she subscribed. When renewal time approaches for these Members, both the contact at the company and the Member will be notified, and he/she can be included in the Corporate Partner's Member list as they renew.
  • How do I find out more information?
    Contact our Membership Team, T: +44 (0)20 7598 1503, E: membership@soci.org
  • Do the usual terms and conditions apply?
    Yes. All members will have to agree to abide by the Society's rules and be bound by its Charter and By-Laws, regardless of whether they join through a Corporate Partnership Scheme.

Join us!

If you want to become an SCI Member under the Corporate Partnership scheme, please contact Rosie Baston at membership@soci.org.

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