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Liverpool and North West

Liverpool waterfont

SCI’s Liverpool and North West Regional Group follows the merger of the Liverpool and Manchester Sections in 2006. Both areas have distinguished histories. Liverpool, and especially Widnes, was already well established for manufacturing and processing chemicals at the time of SCI’s foundation in the region in 1881. Manchester, in turn, has produced some distinguished figures in chemistry, including Henry Roscoe, who established the first practical chemistry laboratory in Britain. Roscoe (more details) was Professor of Chemistry at the University of Manchester in the mid 19th century, and his school has produced seven Nobel Prize winners. Manchester also saw the birth of chemical engineering with George E Davis's lectures at the Manchester Technical School and the publication of the world's first textbook on the subject in 1887.

The new Regional Group organises a number of meetings for Members and friends. Some are technical, and aim to give insight into a particular subject, and are often highly topical. As many of these are run in conjunction with kindred organisations and university departments, we are able to present topics at the boundaries between chemistry and other disciplines. Other meetings are planned primarily as social events to include friends and partners of Members. We also have family meetings, which include presentations appealing to children as well as adults.

There is also an emphasis on interacting with school and university students in our area. This is achieved on several fronts. For school age students, the Regional Group has strong links with Catalyst Science Discovery Centre where it supports the science club and public lectures. An annual careers event for undergraduates and postgraduates encompasses Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores, Bangor, Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan Universities and introduces industry professionals to the students, who then provide insights into working in the chemical, pharma and allied industries. Undergraduate awards for the best honours graduates in their year are presented annually to students in one of the Region’s universities at a prize-giving ceremony, combined with social evening. For young professionals, the Regional Group has close ties with the Chemical Industries Association's Future Forum - emerging leaders challenging perceptions.

We are always keen to welcome new members. If you would like to know more about the Group please contact our Group Secretary, Marie Connor on E: marie.connor@innospecinc.com, or our Group Chair Mike Halliday on E: mike.halliday@hsd-lp.co.uk.

Group Awards

The Group offers the following awards:

Please contact awards@soci.org for further details


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