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The SCI London Regional Group is currently the largest of all SCI regional groupings with c.1000 members in Central and Greater London, the counties of Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Surrey, Middlesex, Kent and Sussex. The majority are based in the region and are employed in the chemical, pharmaceutical and allied industries. There are also a good percentage of Members in education and academia.

The Group has a long and continuous history and was established shortly after the foundation of the Society itself in 1881. Its first Chairman was Sir Frederick Abel, the co-inventor of cordite.

The Group's geographical remit includes more than 60 universities and colleges, the City of London, Westminster and Parliament (of which there are 160 local Members of Parliament), headquarters or London offices of some of the largest industrial companies in the world, and a plethora of science museums, galleries, and societies or associations.

The Group organises a regular and dynamic schedule of activities throughout the year in keeping with its Mission Statement 'Utilising our capital city to publicise science and allow networking opportunities for all.' The broad-based programme of general interest and specialist events attracts a wide range of attendees - from students and families to science professionals and politicians.

UCL's Chemical Physical Society

The London Group has a a strong relationship with UCL's Chemical Physical Society, the students' society of UCL's chemistry department (and the oldest UCL student society), and sponsors their lecture programme.


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