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Yorkshire and the Humber

Yorkshire moor

The SCI Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Group serves a region which at the start of the 21st Century has a vibrant chemicals sector, particularly in the Humber region. The region is home to internationally renowned groups in alternative crops, green chemistry and chemical education. This broader biological and chemical expertise is now integrated with research applied in production and processing to provide new outlooks within our industry. The Group organises events that tap into this expertise for generalist and expert audiences. We also run events for schools and educators across the science sectors.

The region is fortunate to have a hub of university chemistry departments in Sheffield, Leeds, Huddersfield, York, Bradford and Hull which have produced Nobel Laureates and the materials that have powered so much development in our Society.

The region's outstanding industrial heritage has seen great changes being made since the Group first evolved in the 1880's. The region provided the dye houses that arguably started the organic and fine chemical revolution.

It has also provided heavy industries such as metal smelting and steel production where chemical innovation has been central to the development of new materials.


The Group offers the following awards:


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