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The SCI Lipids (formerly Oils and Fats) Technical Interest Group is now a select group of some 80 or so members whose interest lies in the science and technology of oils and fats, whether related to processing or nutrition or both. This is the only forum in the UK to specialise in this field, and it also represents the UK on the board of EuroFedLipid which is the umbrella organisation for Lipids groups around Europe (see below).

The Group Committee continues to focus its efforts on the organisation of meetings which will be of interest to the majority of the members. However, we would be pleased to receive any feedback you may have on how we could increase the benefits of membership to you all.

  • The Group has also joined with other SCI Groups in the Agriculture, Horticulture and Food sectors to form the Agri-Food Hub.


The group continues to organise conferences (usually two-day meetings) on an annual basis.

In May 2011 we held a successful meeting on Enzymatic Modification of Oils and Fats which was held in collaboration with the University of Ghent in Belgium. In June 2012 we hosted a two- day meeting on the 'Science and Technology of Food Emulsions'. This included a number of international speakers, including Professor Julian McClements from the University of Massachusetts who presented the 2012 Hilditch Memorial Lecture. More details.

In 2013 we held two meetings. We returned to the University of Ghent in June for a two-day meeting bringing us up to date with the latest developments in analysing the composition of lipids (covering the whole spectrum of lipids). More details. We also collaborated with the University of Leeds in September and held a two- day meeting that looked at the interplay between fats processing, the physical properties of fats produced and human health More details.

This year (2014) we held a two-day meeting on various aspects of frying at the University of Reading. This was of interest to both large industrial scale and small scale frying operators, and had a particular emphasis on health aspects, frying oil quality and taste. This meeting was followed by the Group AGM at which we initiated the first competition for the Young Lipids Scientist Award. Details of the award can be seen on the SCI awards webpages.

We have also run or contributed to a number of smaller events. A public evening lecture held in September 2011 on 'The Redemption of the British Breakfast' stirred a vigorous debate over the role of saturated fats in health.


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Our Associations

The Group is a member of Euro Fed Lipid and also has links with other associations. More

Group Awards

The Group offers the following awards:

Please contact awards@soci.org for further details


Members are invited to contribute to the Group's forum (you will need to sign in first).


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