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General News

Prof Lovestone lecture - video now available

25 Nov 2015

SCI welcomed Prof Simon Lovestone to present a Public Evening Lecture on whether big Data offers a possible solution for the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease on 13 October 2015. |The video of the lecture is now available.

The Atom

25 Nov 2015

On 15 October 2015, chemistry students of Charterhouse School were very lucky to welcome Dr Peter Wothers, the Director of Studies in Chemistry at St Catherine’s College, University of Cambridge where he presented his lecture The Atom.

Debunking the Myths of Flame Retardants

23 Nov 2015

The SCI Fire and Materials Group meeting in Glasgow on 5 November entitled ‘Bromine flame retardants - Life-savers or eco-villains’ offered the opportunity for delegates to experience a series of lectures from acknowledged experts on each side of the current debate.

Science Week 2015 Table Quiz

23 Nov 2015

The All Ireland Group held its 11th Annual Science Week Table Quiz in Dublin, on 12 November 2015, featuring the theme ‘Science Week 2.0: Design Your Future’.

Fireworks and Waterworks

20 Nov 2015

Dr Andy Szydlo gave his fantastic Bonfire Night Spectacular Chemistry lecture - ‘Fireworks and Waterworks’ - on the 5 November at the University of Cambridge. The event was held by the SCI Cambridge and Great Eastern Group, and Dr Szydlo dazzled, entertained and educated his audience with a series of spectacular science demonstrations, including some new ones.

Young Chemist in Industry Conference Papers

20 Nov 2015

The Young Chemist in Industry event of 2015 was held on 18 November at BioCity, Nottingham.

Fire and Materials Group Research Seminar: Bromine Flame Retardants - Life Savers or Eco Villains - Conference Papers

12 Nov 2015 The Fire and Materials Group Research Seminar: Bromine Flame Retardants - Life Savers or Eco Villains? was held on Thursday 5 November 2015 at the Glasgow City Hotel, Strathclyde, Scotland.

Horticulture Group Newsletter November 2015

11 Nov 2015

The November edition of the horticulture group newsletter brings you details on all upcoming events in this sector both in the UK and abroad. It also shares details on the 'beauty berry' and 'monk's pepper', both in the Verbenaceae. You can also get the latest news from the Group's partner organisations and other groups and organisations working in Horticulture.

Hurter Memorial Lecture 2015 Report

10 Nov 2015

The Hurter Memorial Lecture 2015, organised by the SCI Liverpool and North West Group, took place on 20 October 2015 at Bangor University’s Pritchard-Jones Hall. Alumnus Prof Peter Licence presented the Hurter lecture titled ‘Chemistry in vacuo; Suck it and see’ on the subject of ionic liquids. Present were the Vice Chancellor, the Deputy Mayor of Bangor City, our Executive Director, Prize Winners, University staff, students, members of the public and local SCI committee.

Early Career news and events

10 Nov 2015

A number of events are being set up by SCI's Regional and Technical Groups for Early Career Scientists. Keep an eye on our events calendar and make the most of support being offered to PhD students, postdocs, and those starting out in industry or academia.

Speaker Interview: Prof Adam Nelson - New Approaches in Medicinal Chemistry

05 Nov 2015

Prof Adam Nelson is one of the speakers at the upcoming New Approaches in Medicinal Chemistry event, organised by SCI's Young Chemists' Panel. He is a Professor of Chemical Biology at the University of Leeds and his talk will cover The realisation of activity-directed synthesis.

Rising to the challenge - cutting-edge techniques in medicinal chemistry

04 Nov 2015

Drug development is notoriously difficult, time-consuming and expensive. The industry is also facing one of its toughest times due to poor stock performance, lower numbers of drug approvals and poor late stage pipelines. This illustrates that there remain many huge challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. The field of medicinal chemistry is integral to the search for solutions for these challenges and this one day event will cover a range of pertinent techniques.

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

02 Nov 2015

Only a few years ago, the overwhelming majority of drug discovery programs were conceived, actioned, and realised within the confines of Big Pharma. Eventually, a dearth in the pipelines of these multinationals created the impetus to seek out new business models. History has taught the industry to branch out further in the pursuit of new approaches, and a more recent innovation is the advent of the academic - industry alliance. As academic groups are playing an increasingly significant role in the drug discovery sector, the SCI Fine Chemicals Group has organised an event to showcase a range of collaborative drug discovery programmes.

In Search of Human Pheromones

02 Nov 2015

The quest for human pheromones over the last fifty years has included the publication of the results of some studies of very dubious quality in respectable peer reviewed journals, despite established standards as to how such research should be done. You can hear more about this fascinating saga in Dr Tristram Wyatt’s lecture, ‘Human Pheromones: Where did we go wrong? What should we do next?’ on Wednesday 18 November 2015.