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General News

The Building Stones of Cambridge walking tour

30 Jul 2015

SCI Cambridge and Great Eastern held the Building Stones of Cambridge walking tour on 18 June. Attendees were treated to another fascinating tour of the building stones of Cambridge by Dr Nigel Woodcock, Director of Studies in Earth Sciences at University of Cambridge.

It's not Big Pharma, but it is clever

27 Jul 2015

Only a decade or so ago, employment for doctoral research chemists in the biomedical sector was dominated by Big Pharma. Today this is no longer the case, with Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Contract Research Organisations (CROs), and charity funded organisations (a.k.a. the '3rd Sector) employing a significant and rising number of chemists in the UK. Being confronted by the changing face, the sector can be daunting. If this describes you, then we are pleased to inform you that SCI and the Royal Society of Chemistry have come together once again to organise an event with you in mind.

Event Preview: Game-Changing Science - Synthesis from the Six Nations II

23 Jul 2015

Thoughts of competitive rugby will be far from your mind on the next mention of the Six Nations after attending this memorable event. Six cutting-edge academic researchers drawn from England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales are invited to enlighten and inspire the audience with an insight into their latest research, covering a fascinating array of topics. This is the second outing of the innovative format which proved popular on its unveiling in 2006.

Soft interfacial materials, poster deadline 31 July

16 Jul 2015

SCI is pleased to bring you news from our collaborative partner, The Royal Society, on an upcoming discussion meeting that may be of interest to SCI members. The science of soft interfaces (lipid membranes, emulsions, particle-stabilized droplets etc) is rapidly moving into an era of predictive capability that allows the design and development of advanced materials to be based on secure scientific knowledge.

Prof Ronald Jowitt: 1924 - 2015

15 Jul 2015

Professor Keshavan Niranjan from the University of Reading recounts his memories of the late Professor Ronald Jowitt. Ron lived a full and active life to the age of 91 and he is survived by children Helen, Claire and Richard, and grandchildren George and Freya. There is no doubt that he is missed by all those who knew him.

Event Preview - Imaging: Recent Advances and Biomedical Applications

14 Jul 2015

To showcase some of the latest developments in imaging methodologies and their application in the life and biomedical sciences, SCI's Fine Chemicals Group has organised a one-day symposium entitled, "Imaging: Recent Advances and Biomedical Applications," which will be held on Wednesday, 30 September 2015 at SCI in Belgrave Square, London.

Event Postponed - An Overview of Health Related Statistics in HSE ....

14 Jul 2015

The postponed 'An Overview of Health Related Statistics in HSE & Are You above the WEL? Practical Statistics for Hygienists', which was due to take place on 8 July at SCI, will now take place on 30 September at SCI.

SCI Volunteer Case Studies

10 Jul 2015

Are you thinking about joining an SCI committee or becoming more involved with your Group? Becoming an active volunteer will create and strengthen your skills in networking, event planning, leadership, team work, budgeting and marketing.

Jessica Breen - Yorkshire and the Humber Group

10 Jul 2015

Jessica joined SCI in 2012. She became Communications Officer of the Yorkshire and Humber Committee in 2012. Jessica was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Leeds within the Institute of Process Research and Development (iPRD) and is now in medical communications. She gained her MChem degree and PhD in chemistry at Durham University.

Review of 134th SCI AGM

09 Jul 2015

The 134th SCI AGM was attended by 66 members. Following a vote, the AGM saw the election of Dr Alan Baylis and the new Chair of the Board of Trustees, as well as four Trustees. Members were also elected unopposed as Ordinary Members of the three Standing Committees. SCI Honorary President Paul Booth OBE was succeeded by Neil Carson.

Jade Owen - Agrisciences

08 Jul 2015

Jade joined SCI in 2011. She was elected as an ordinary member of the Agriscience Committee in 2012. She became the Social media co-ordinator of the Agriscience Group in 2015. Jade is an Analytical Scientist at Intertek Melbourn and recently finished her PhD in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Hertfordshire.

Day of Science and Careers Scotland 2015

06 Jul 2015

The SCI Scotland Group, in partnership with SCI’s Early Careers Support Sub Committee (ECSSC), held a Day of Science and Careers event at the Sir Duncan Rice Library, University of Aberdeen, on June 1, 2015. In total, there were 48 delegates who enjoyed a number of high quality talks and discussion and networking sessions.

Taming Reactive Intermediates

03 Jul 2015

There are a myriad of ways of installing functionality to a molecule, yet still we encounter systems where these do not achieve the desired results. The upcoming conference, “Taming Reactive Intermediates”, which is organised by the SCI’s Young Chemists Panel, will explore some of the new methods that are being developed to address these problems. With talks from some of the leaders in the field of reactive intermediates, this symposium will give a fascinating insight into the tools that are now available to us in modern organic synthesis.

Horticulture Group Newsletter July 2015

02 Jul 2015

This month’s horticulture covers a range of topics including the medicinal value of sage, gardens and Life sciences at Bristol University, news of the imminent availability of higher education degrees at the Eden Project, a new project looking into how new strategies are developed for managing Apple Replant Disease and the genetic origins of beetroot pigmentation.

SCI Ambassadors' Scheme

02 Jul 2015

One of SCI’s key target audiences are early career scientists, and so SCI is keen to improve links with universities across the UK.

The Membership Affairs Committee (MAC) working with the Early Career Support Sub-Committee (ECSSC) has launched a new scheme whereby SCI volunteers will be asked to promote SCI and its activities through their university.