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General News

SCI Horticulture Group Newsletter October 2016

29 Sep 2016

In this month's horticulture group newsletter, find out about work being done to create edible food packaging from milk, the genetic ancestry of strawberries. You can also read abut some of the most spectacular gardens for wedding photos. You can also get the latest information on the sector and upcoming events.

Innovations from Crop Research

28 Sep 2016

SCI Agrisciences Group is partnering with the KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network) to stage the first New Frontiers in Crop Research conference at SCI on 20 October 2016. The programme will provide all those involved in the Agri-Food sector with an update on some of the most exciting areas of crop research.

Innovation in Design, Supply and Acquisition for Compound Screening Libraries - Past Papers

23 Sep 2016

Join the SCI Fine Chemicals Group on Wednesday 14 September 2016 for: Innovation in Design, Supply and Acquisition for Compound Screening Libraries, at the Fielder Centre in Hatfield, UK, a conference designed to inform and create a dynamic environment for discussion around the important topic of the design and selection methods and business models used to develop Compound Screening Libraries.

SCI Mentoring Scheme Update September 2016

19 Sep 2016

In July we brought you news about the development of the SCI Mentoring Programme - a new benefit for SCI Members which is being launched this year. Since our previous announcement, we have been working hard with both our mentoring consultant, Karen Parker, and the SCI Mentoring Matching Panel, led by Professor Jenny Mordue of SCI’s Early Careers Committee, to deliver training and to facilitate mentor/mentee matches.

Cheminformatics for Drug Design: Data, Models and Tools

15 Sep 2016

SCI’s Fine Chemicals Group, in partnership with RSC's Chemical Information and Computer Applications Group invite you to attend Cheminformatics for Drug Design: Data, Models and Tools on Wednesday 12 October at The Imperial War Museum in Duxford, Cambridgeshire.

SCI's New Trustees

14 Sep 2016

at the 135th SCI AGM seven Members were elected to join the Board of Trustees, of which two are new. The new members are Dr Jan Ramakers and Dr David Witty. They are also joined by Mr Maarten Heybroek who has recently been invited to join as a co-opted trustee.

New Approaches in Medicinal Chemistry 2017

14 Sep 2016

This will be another opportunity for all those involved in the areas of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery to update and extend their knowledge of cutting-edge techniques. Organised by SCI's Young Chemists' Panel, it will be of interest for scientists from both academia and industry, and ideally suited to those studying for a postgraduate degree or working in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry.

Electrochem 2016 Conference Report

13 Sep 2016

This year, the 21st annual Electrochem meeting was held from 17 to 19 August, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the invention of the potentiostat, at the location of its discovery, the University of Leicester. The conference was held at Stamford Court, the university’s premier conference venue, with a diverse range of symposia covering energy, materials and green electrochemistry, electrochemical sensing and electrochemical techniques and tools.

Always Outnumbered, Finally Outgunned?

12 Sep 2016

In terms of raw numbers, bacteria are by far the dominant lifeform on Earth, with a combined biomass surpassing that of animals and plants combined. Fortunately for us humans, there’s only a handful that we need to concern ourselves with on a day-to-day basis. These can be broadly split into the ‘Good’ and the ‘Bad’ - those that assist us and those that cause infection. A subset of the latter group could be termed the ‘Downright Ugly’ - those that cause infection and are resistant to the majority of our considerable artillery of antibiotic regimens. Understandably, it is this group which has drawn the focus of doctors and organisations such as the WHO, with nasties like MRSA and ‘Super Gonorrhea’ having recently drawn particular attention.

Brexit - the implications for science based industries and innovation

12 Sep 2016

Being in the unique position of working at the interface between science and industry, conducting a range of activities that focus on supporting innovation and the commercialisation of science, SCI is well placed to contribute to this debate from the perspective of science based industries and innovation.

Chlorine as a Chemical Weapon

09 Sep 2016

As you may have read, usage of Chlorine as a chemical weapon was confirmed recently in the report of the UN Joint Investigative Mechanism. Prof Alastair Hay (Leeds University), incoming Chair of the Chemical Weapons Advisory Group (CWAC), wrote to the Times and the Guardian in the last couple of weeks sharing his concerns and calling for the UK Government to take action. With our charitable objective being to advance the science of applied chemistry and related sciences for the public benefit, we call on all our members to support this and reinforce that chemicals should be used to help mankind.

Protein-Protein Interactions 2016

08 Sep 2016

Owing to the potential opportunities that being able to modulate PPIs would bring, the past decade has seen this field gain increasing scientific interest, and stimulated significant academic and industrial innovation. SCI's Fine Chemicals Group in partnership with RSC's BMCS, and in association with PPI-Net, have organised a two day event taking place on 5 and 6 December 2016 at SCI’s headquarter, for scientists engaged in PPI research and those interested in discovering more about this topic.

CPD Guide for SCI Members

07 Sep 2016

Earlier this year, SCI became a CPD (Continuing professional development) Standards Accredited Centre. This means that SCI members are able to gain CPD points by attending eligible SCI conferences. The CPD Standards Office has produced a guide for SCI members to help you understand how they can benefit from CPD Accredited activity. The guide can be accessed via the link below.

Highlights in Medicinal Chemistry II 2016

07 Sep 2016

After a two year break the Highlights in Medicinal Chemistry meeting will be back this autumn. Join SCI’s Fine Chemicals Group on Wednesday 23 November 2016 at their London headquarter for a day of talks, networking, and an evening wine reception.

Board of Trustees update: July 2016

06 Sep 2016

The fifth and final Board of Trustees meeting of 2015/16 was held just before the AGM on 6 July. At the Board meeting, a final summary of ‘Project Refresh’, which has resulted in a refurbished HQ building to be proud of, was presented and the Board was updated on a number of recent developments.

IEX Organising Committee report of another successful meeting

02 Sep 2016

Held at Robinson College, Cambridge from 6 - 8 July the meeting lived up to its strap-line ‘Ion Exchange - A Continuing Success Story’ with 150 delegates from 25 countries presenting over 100 papers. A wide range of applications were covered in three parallel sessions.