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Press Releases

MRC NEWS: New partnership with India to beat antibiotic resistance

09 Nov 2016

News from the Medical Research Council

CRANFIELD NEWS: New energetic materials facility opens

09 Nov 2016

News from Cranfield University

Public Evening Lecture - Prof Gideon Lack on Stemming the Tide of Allergies

04 Nov 2016

On Tuesday 29 November, SCI’s Evening Lecture will look at the world of food allergies. The lecture will be delivered by Prof Gideon Lack, Professor of Paediatric Allergy at King’s College London. Prof Lack will share information from his most recent research into child allergies before taking a broader look at all allergies.

The role of science and innovation in post-Brexit UK

01 Nov 2016 On 7 December 2016, SCI will host a panel debate inspired by the contribution of ICI and chaired by Paul Drechsler, President of CBI, to consider how science and innovation have previously contributed to the industrial success of the UK, and how they could again in the future.

DUPONT NEWS New Cereal Herbicides

01 Nov 2016 The latest news from Dupont