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Awards List

Group Awards: Technical

Group Awards: Regional and International

Joint Awards

  • Barrer Award
    For applied work in UK or Eire in Molecular sieve zeolites. With RSC and the British Zeolite Association
  • Beilby Medal and Prize
    For practical and theoretical work in chemical engineering, material science and energy. With RSC and IoM
  • Carl Hanson Medal
    A life-time award in the field of solvent extraction science and technology. With DECHEMA
  • The Graham Lecture
    The Colloid and Surface Chemistry Group Mid Career Award (with RSC)
  • McBain Medal
    Practitioners in the field of physics, engineering, medical, biological, formulation polymer and nano materials. With RSC
  • Rideal Lecture
    For a distinction in interface or colloid science. With RSC
  • The Royal Society and Society of Chemical Industry Studentships
    Research in 'neglected science' in the application of chemistry and related sciences in food and bio-renewables, water, waste and environment, energy, materials and manufacturing, and health and well-being.

Scholarships and Fellowships

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Society Awards

Travel Bursaries

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