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Membership Affairs Committee

The Membership Affairs Committee (MAC) is responsible for the needs and interests of SCI Members. Its overall aim is to advise the Board of Trustees (BoT) and the Executive on ways and means of enhancing the value of SCI membership from the Members' perspective. In order to do this, it works with SCI's Interest Groups to ensure they are aligned with, and contribute to, SCI's charitable objectives and goals. MAC has a focus on expanding membership, meeting members' needs and the creation of new Groups, as well as looking after the interests the individual Groups through continuous support.

You can find out more about MAC's remit by referring to the Terms of Reference (please sign in to view)


MAC undertakes a number of initiatives to ensure that all Members are able to feed back to the Society in an open and direct way. These initiatives include:

  • The MAC Open Meeting - This meeting is open to all SCI members who wish to find out more about MAC and to contribute to discussions on topical issues.
  • The Committees' Workshop and Best Practice Sharing Day - supporting our most active volunteers. This is an annual event that aims to support our Committee members as well as to provide an opportunity for them to network with other Committees, exchange best practice methods and meet SCI staff.
  • The Group Handbook for all Interest Group Committees - The Handbook is a useful guide, which outlines the activities that Groups may undertake and explains the roles/duties of Honorary Officers including those of elected and co-opted committee members. It is particularly useful for new members of Group Committees, in helping them to familiarise themselves with all aspects of SCI Committees. More (you will need to sign in to view)

In addition to this, there are dedicated representatives on MAC who represent the individual interests of SCI's Technical and Regional Interest Groups within SCI.

Who's Who and Contact Details

(ex-officio role as the Honorary Secretary of the Board of Trustees)
Len Copping

Dr Leonard Copping
Member: BoT and FIAC

MAC working parties: Public Evening Lectures, Group Awards, TIG and RIG Reviews, Member Benefits

Technical Interest Group Committees: Vice-Chair of Agrisciences

Ordinary Members:
Dr Maryam Bayati

Dr Maryam Bayati

Oliver Choroba

Dr Oliver Choroba
MAC working parties: SCI Benefits

Martin Elliott

Martin Elliott
Technical Interest Group Committees: Chair of Science and Enterprise

Regional Interest Group Committees: Vice-Chair and Secretary of Yorkshire and the Humber

David Evans

Dr David Evans
MAC working parties: Public Evening Lectures, Science for Policy, Sponsorship and Income Generation

Technical Interest Group Committees: Agrisciences

Giuliamonica Leonardi

Miss Giuliamonica Leonardi

SCI Ambassador

Mary Nnankya

Dr Mary Nnankya
MAC working parties: Communications, Attracting new members/organisations from SMEs and the NHS

Technical Interest Group Committees: Treasurer and Secretary of Biotechnology; Environment, Health & Safety
Regional Interest Group Committee: Thames & Kennet

Fred Parrett

Dr Fred Parrett

Regional Interest Group Committees: Treasurer of the London Group

Peter Reineck

Mr Peter Reineck

Technical Interest Group Committees: Agrisciences, Energy, and Science and Enterprise

Regional Interest Group Committees: Yorkshire and the Humber

Dr Sharon Williams

Dr Sharon Williams
MAC working parties:

Dr Caroline Cordery
Co-Opted Member: MAC (until Feb 2017)

Regional Interest Group Committees: Treasurer of Liverpool and North West

Moni Gupta

Ms Moni Gupta
Co-Opted Member: MAC (until FEB 2017)

SCI Scholar, SCI Ambassador

Lee Dingwall

Dr Lee Dingwall
Co-Opted Member: MAC

MAC Committee Meetings

MAC meets up to four times a year. Each year there is an Open meeting, which all members are invited to attend.

Previous MAC minutes (please sign in to view)

The minutes of these meetings are made available to all SCI Members via the Member Documents link on each Interest Group's web page. Please note that this link is only visible to Members who have signed in to the website.

How to get involved

If you are interested in joining MAC and would like to contribute ideas, opinions, write articles, and/or help with the organisation of activities, please contact the Chairman, Dr Leonard Copping. Elections for new Committee Members take place at the SCI AGM every July.

For other enquiries, please contact us at communications@soci.org

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