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Early Careers

SCI Mentoring Programme Update - November 2016

30 Nov 2016

SCI is dedicated to supporting members’ careers through training, development and employment opportunities. Earlier this year, to facilitate this mission, SCI launched a new Member Benefit - The SCI Mentoring Programme. Reflecting SCI’s unique strength as a multidisciplinary and all-inclusive Society; partnerships made through the scheme demonstrate SCI’s broad membership and are both multi-industry and multi-science in nature.

SCI Ambassadors' Scheme

30 Nov 2016

One of SCI’s key target audiences are early career scientists, and so SCI is keen to improve links with universities across the UK.

The Membership Affairs Committee (MAC) working with the Early Career Support Sub-Committee (ECSSC) has launched a new scheme whereby SCI volunteers will be asked to promote SCI and its activities through their university.

The Importance and Power of Analytical Chemistry in Industry - preview

29 Nov 2016

On 7 Feb 2017, SCI’s Young Chemists’ Panel, in collaboration with Syngenta, will hold a one-day conference at Jealott's Hill International Research Centre to cover the fundamentals of analytical chemistry in an industrial setting, as well as discussing some of the latest advances in the field.