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12th October 2009
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Going out on a LIMS

Charles Hindbaugh et al, 12/10/2009

As laboratory environments continue to evolve, embracing the benefits of automation and efficient data management is becoming more critical, write Charles Hindbaugh and Christine Paszko

Petchems under pressure

Sean Milmo, 12/10/2009

Europe’s petrochemicals sector is facing several years of intense pressure after which it may emerge as a smaller and weaker force in the world market, reports Sean Milmo

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Powering the way ahead

Anthony King, 12/10/2009

Researchers are gearing up to make batteries for electric vehicles that are cheaper, safer, lighter and store more energy, reports Anthony King

The $1000 genome in sight with the latest technology

Michael Gross, 12/10/2009

The price of sequencing an entire human genome is falling fast, thanks to a new generation of sequencing technologies, but how low can it go? Michael Gross investigates