Vision and Strategy

SCI was established in 1881 by a group of scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs, who came together to form a global innovation hub, whose purpose was to accelerate the rate of adoption of scientific innovation by industry, for the benefit of society.

Over 140 years on this charitable objective is more relevant than ever. Our community works on developing solutions to address global societal challenges such as the climate crisis and improving everyday lives around the world.

SCI’s community are working on developing new forms of low carbon, renewable energy, such as hydrogen and battery materials, developing new medicines, such as new treatments for cancers, and advancing healthy and sustainable foods.

Scientific Innovation and Sustainability are at the heart of everything we do.

Established in 1881 as the Society of Chemical Industry, SCI is a registered charity today with members in over 70 countries. Its headquarters are in London, UK.


To be where science meets business


  • Unique, independent forum for innovation
  • Global multi-science and multidisciplinary community
  • Creating value for society by advancing scientific innovation
  • Addressing societal issues of Climate Change, Sustainability and Health & Wellbeing

Strategic Mission (Purpose)

  • To accelerate innovation through networking and distributing knowledge
  • To facilitate collaborations between experts across Climate Change, Sustainability and Health & Wellbeing
  • To support scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs through training, development and employment opportunities
  • To contribute to the public understanding of science

Our activities

A manifesto for an industrial science and innovation strategy

SCI unveiled its Manifesto for an Industrial Science & Innovation Strategy in August 2023.

The manifesto explains what we need as a country to catch up to – and then outsprint - our competitors. Crucially, this manifesto needs to be read in the context that the UK trails science savvy rivals – and drastically so.