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7th February 2018
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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C&I Issue 10 2017 * Batteries included


MRSA resistant bacteria

MRSA resistant Staphylococcus bacteria

Kathryn Roberts, February 2018

Tweaking the chemical structure of the antibiotic vancomycin may offer a new route to tackle the burgeoning problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, researchers in Australia have discovered.


pool refracted

Light without lenses

Michael Gross, February 2018

Alternative methods of manipulating light are making traditional lenses redundant and opening up new possibilities in imaging, communication, and beyond.


Business Digest

February 2018
Review the latest news and developments from the sector.


Bio-based future

Philippe Mengal, February 2018

In Europe every year, millions of tonnes of sugar beet pulp are re-used as low-value products like animal feed and fertiliser, or processed into green gas.

Global View

Budget Drama

Sarah Houlton, February 2018

Further dramatic twists highlights increasing divergence in politicals goals for both Republicans and Democrats.


The magnificent seven

Dennis Rouvray, February 2018
Seven Scientists

This book is intriguing in that it makes a virtue of having as its dramatis personae a group of seven now all but forgotten physical scientists who worked in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


Waste not

Neil Eisberg, February 2018

Plastic waste is a hot-topic at the moment.