Mentoring Programme

A key part of SCI‘s strategic mission is to support members‘ careers through training, development, and employment opportunities. To facilitate this mission, SCI launched the SCI Mentoring Programme in 2016.

The SCI Mentoring Programme is an exclusive member benefit that is designed to match early-career members with a mentor who will help them to address specific goals or issues in their career. This initiative is of real benefit to SCI Members – both mentors and mentees alike.

The advantages of SCI’s mentoring scheme

Playing to SCI‘s unique strength as a multidisciplinary and all-inclusive Society, partnerships made through the scheme will demonstrate SCI‘s broad membership and may be both multi-industry and multi-science in nature, while enabling connections to be forged over common themes and issues. The programme also offers a platform for participants (both mentors and mentees) to make themselves known to the SCI community, opening up other channels of communication and enhancing networking skills.

For more information, please download the SCI Mentoring Programme flyers for Early Career applicants or Mid Career applicants.


Spring 2024

We are now accepting applications for our Spring 2024 mentoring programme:

  • Mentor training workshops 1 and 2 : Thursday 2 May 14.00 – 16.15 and Thursday 9 May 14:00 – 16.15
  • Mentee training workshop : Thursday 9 May 10.00 – 12.15

Autumn 2024

Applications are not yet open for this round.

Please contact us via the link below ( to register your interest.

What to expect from the programme

We match the mentees with mentors based on the skills, knowledge and areas of expertise they can offer which will assist with the mentees’ desired areas of development.

Partnerships are expected to last 12 months in the first instance but extensions may be requested. The frequency and length of meetings will generally be driven by the mentee, but we would expect meetings to last around 60 minutes and take place roughly every 6 weeks. Both parties should be prepared for this commitment.

What do mentors get out of the programme?

What can a mentor help you with?

Application criteria

  • Mentors must hold Full SCI Membership.
  • Mentees are required to have demonstrated a commitment to SCI by one of: continuous SCI membership for a minimum of two years, committee membership, as an SCI Ambassador, as an SCI Award winner or by Corporate Membership.

Application process

  • We welcome applications from eligible members who would like to be a mentor or mentee.
  • Please register your interest. You will need your SCI Membership Number – this can be found by signing into your account.
  • If you have any questions or wish to check your eligibility please contact
  • Please note, applications from mentees and mentors are subject to approval from the SCI Mentoring Programme panel. We will contact you if your application has been successful.

What happens after you apply?

Closer to the next training dates, we will approach all of those who have registered their interest and who meet the eligibility criteria. We will reaffirm your interest and ask you to complete a questionnaire which we will use to find your match.

All mentors and mentees must complete SCI’s Mentoring training before participation.

After the questionnaire and training have been completed, SCI’s matching panel will convene and see if an appropriate match can be found for you based on the mentee’s needs and the mentor’s experience.

We will then notify the participants of the outcome of their application. SCI will also be in contact throughout the period of your partnership to check in at 3, 6 and 12 months.


The honest discussions and encouragement I received from my mentor helped catalyse my decision to investigate [career] alternatives. In this regard, the mentoring partnership was a very valuable experience for me.
July 2019
The SCI mentoring scheme enabled me to work with a junior colleague and help inform their career strategy. The framework provided by SCI was a real help in creating and maintaining the relationship.
July 2019
The SCI mentoring scheme provides an excellent conduit to transfer experience, alternative approaches and best practice between individuals and, by extension, institutions in the UK.
July 2018
As a mentor there is always something new to learn too and I found this a stretch that required personal development of my own. I hope many others benefit from what is an excellent scheme.
July 2018

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