SCI's Governance Structure

The governance of the Society is managed according to the Charter, By Laws and Rules. SCI's governance structure is headed by a Board of Trustees to which several board committees and the executive team report.

Terms of reference and authorisation documents outline roles and responsibilities ensuring that SCI’s community is appropriately structured to deliver on the charitable objective of accelerating the rate of scientific innovation, for the benefit of society.

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Key People

Paul Drechsler CBE

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Harry Swan
Chair, Board of Trustees

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Sharon Todd
Chief Executive Officer

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Careers Committee

The Careers Committee has both advisory roles and delegated responsibilities. It reports to the Board of Trustees (BoT).

Finance and Investments Advisory Committee

Responsible for the financial affairs of the Society, manages the investment portfolio and maximises the return on premises at Belgrave Square. The committee is also responsible for risk assessment.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee (MC) has an important and distinct role in helping SCI improve the way it serves the needs of its members which includes understanding what members need and advising the Board of Trustees.

Publications Committee

SCI has an internationally admired publications portfolio including Chemistry & Industry and learned journals. The Publications Committee is responsible for advising the Board of Trustees on all SCI publishing activities and strategies.

Governance documents