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11th January 2010
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Poisons make good medicines

Bryan Reuben, 11/01/2010

Many plants secrete nitrogenous secondary metabolites known as alkaloids. Why do they bother? What evolutionary advantage do such metabolites offer? Plants cannot run away or fight back when attacked by herbivores or microorganisms, nor do they have immune systems.

Resources: running out of road

Christopher Rhodes, 11/01/2010

The betting-odds, as defined by a scientific ‘consensus’, are that we must cut drastically our carbon emissions or face unparalleled perils. However, it is not a single horse we need to review the pedigree of in making our bets.

The magic molecules in the continuing drug debate

Matt Hickman, 11/01/2010

After giving a talk on the harms of drugs to students and researchers, an eminent emeritus professor of pharmacology – one who gives advice to UK government – said almost in passing that he thought cannabis possession would be decriminalised in his lifetime.