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1st January 2012
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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A pill for your thoughts

Anthony King, 03/01/2012

Scientists have chemically boosted the memory of mice and say the findings could beat a path to a therapy for Alzheimer’s disease

All-female corn crop lowers cost

Maria Burke, 03/01/2012

US researchers have hit on a way of creating all-female corn/maize plants in the absence of certain plant steroids

An inconvenient truth about trees

Eric Johnson, 03/01/2012

Wood-fired electricity is on a roll. While current UK biomass power capacity is only about 300MW, there are proposals, plans and actual projects under way

China climate deal scepticism

Maria Burke, 03/01/2012

China’s oil use could reach current US levels by 2040, as its energy demand soars, a new US study has found – with big implications for the global climate

FE colleges – a solution to the skills gap?

Sa'ad Medhat, 03/01/2012

Last month saw the publication of two key reports on the future of Further Education (FE) in the UK

Forecast gloomy for chemicals

Neil Sinclair, 03/01/2012

Manufacturing recovery in Western Europe and the US has weakened and in some sectors stalled altogether, while rising unemployment and job insecurity is undermining consumer demand

German chemicals still robust

Dede Williams, 03/01/2012

Even if the uncertainty plaguing some of its markets is likely to translate into slower growth in 2012, the German chemical industry is not in a crisis mood

Getting a better harvest from solar power

Anthony King, 03/01/2012

The efficiency of solar cells depends on how well they convert the photons of sunlight into electrons

Global action to tackle antibiotic resistance

Emma Dorey, 03/01/2012

Resistance to antibiotics, largely driven by the over-prescription and inappropriate use of antimicrobials and poor infection control, is now of critical concern

Killer tiles promise to defeat athlete’s foot

Anthony King, 03/01/2012

Wall tiles that kill bacteria using indoor lighting could prove helpful in the fight against hospital superbugs as well as food poisoning and athlete’s foot

Metallic hydrogen blasts off

Anthony King, 03/01/2012

Metallic hydrogen could fill rockets with a lightweight, low volume super-propellant, according to a report last year by US researchers

Molecular cars ready to motor

Jon Evans, 03/01/2012

The latest molecular cars have just hit the showroom and, unlike previous models, they actually have engines

Renewables targets ‘hugely ambitious’

Cath O'Driscoll, 03/01/2012

UK government targets on renewable energy are jeopardising energy security and lack the necessary back-up infrastructure to sustain energy generation when supplies of wind, wave, solar and other renewables run low

Switched-on protons compute

Jon Evans, 03/01/2012

A molecular computer is all well and good, but how do you turn it on? German physicists have now come up with the perfect way

Whirlpools move objects at micro-scale

Jon Evans, 03/01/2012

On the high seas, whirlpools can present a hazard to shipping. In the laboratory, they can provide a convenient and gentle way to move microscopic objects and organisms around