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2nd April 2012
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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Postcard from South America: A boost for biofuels

Anna Jagger, 02/04/2012

Brazil is the world’s largest sugarcane producer and a pioneer in the production of sugarcane-based ethanol, but the country’s ethanol sector has been hampered by limited investment over the past few years

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Postcard from Europe: Greek crisis hits chemicals

Dede Williams, 02/04/2012

Europe’s latest 11th hour patch up of the protracted Greek debt crisis could be good news for the country’s chemicals economy after five years of recession

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Postcard from North America: Spotlight on scientific integrity

Sarah Houlton, 02/04/2012

When Barack Obama became president, there was a sense of optimism that science might start to be used properly and sensibly to inform decision making

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