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2nd April 2012
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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Advanced materials

Arno Kraft, 02/04/2012

Thermoelectric materials are able to convert heat, or more precisely a heat gradient, into electrical energy

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Analytical chemistry

Tom McCreedy, 02/04/2012

The recent developments in monolithic columns have permitted liquid chromatographic separations to be performed at lower back pressures

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Organic chemistry

G. Richard Stephenson, 02/04/2012

Examples of enantioselectivity-switching are rare in asymmetric catalysis. If the other enantiomer of the product is required, then the opposite configuration of the chiral auxiliary normally needs to be employed

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Kevin Burgess, 02/04/2012

I find it interesting at the end of each year to select the paper that had the most impact in the last 12 months

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