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18th April 2017
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Bus Charges

Kathryn Roberts, 18/04/2017

With the populations of cities around the world burgeoning, eco-friendly electric buses are becoming more important to transport the masses, Kathryn Roberts reports

Designer biology

Cath O'Driscoll, 18/04/2017

 Reprogramming biology isn’t easy, but - with the right tools - synthetic biology could be poised to trigger the fourth industrial revolution, Cath O’Driscoll reports

Microfluidics for all

Michael Gross, 18/04/2017

Microfluidics doesn’t have to be about laboratory on a chip. It could take the shape of a diagnostic toolkit in a sheet of paper, or a soft toy that behaves like a real animal. One day, it may be as widespread as modern electronics, Michael Gross reports

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Shear brilliance

Lou Reade, 18/04/2017

Shear thickening of fluids is something that engineers usually try to avoid, but the effect is now being put to good use in applications from football helmets to space suits, Lou Reade reports