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9th October 2019
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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Green fingers

Anthony Girard, 09/10/2019

When reviewing this book by Geoff Dixon, it struck me that SCI has the strapline: ‘Where science meets business’, and this book could very well be titled, ‘Where science meets the business of gardening’.

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Leading lights

Lorie Karnath, 09/10/2019

In surprisingly relaxed tones, 11 contemporary scientists, all of them leading lights in their fields, provide a lay readership with insight into their research. They not only summarise progress to date but also identify problems yet to be solved and suggest possible ways to tackle them. Although several different areas of science are covered most of the discussion is centred on the biological sciences. All the contributing scientists have had their work recognised by a variety of awards – four are Nobel prize-winners.

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