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All Ireland Group

Riber Liffey, Dublin

The All Ireland Group aims to foster better links between the molecular sciences, chemistry-based industry and the general public across the whole of Ireland.


The group regularly arranges talks by expert speakers from Ireland and other countries. These talks are aimed at industrialists, chemistry teachers and interested members of the public.

In addition, they organise 'roadshow' lectures by industrialists which fit into university and college chemistry department's seminar series.


The All Ireland Group collaborates with the following organisations:

  • Institute of Chemistry of Ireland
  • RSC
  • Royal Irish Academy


If you are looking for a way to become more involved with SCI, you might want to consider becoming one of our active volunteers.

SCI volunteers work at the heart of SCI. As a volunteer, you will create and strengthen your skills, interact with people from different backgrounds, gather new and experiences and build your confidence and credibility. Contact membership@soci.org for more information.

Relevant SCI Journals

SCI journals cover a variety of topics. More details can be found on our Journals page

SCI Members are entitled to receive Chemistry and Industry (C&I) magazine direct to their door.C&I magazine includes articles on a host of interesting articles. More.

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