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General News

Research unpicks antibiotic resistance

23 Oct 2017

A collaborative research project has identified a possible route to overcoming antibiotic resistance.

Event review: What can big data do for chemistry?

17 Oct 2017

Is AI our friend or foe?: Report from SCI’s Fine Chemicals group ‘What can big data do for chemistry?’ event

Organofluorine Chemistry: Synthetic Methods and Applications Event Preview

17 Oct 2017

Leading academics from the UK and Europe will present their latest research on the synthesis and application of fluorinated organic molecules in this exciting one-day symposium.

Future UK scientific success will rely on international allies, say experts

17 Oct 2017

The UK government must look to build long-lasting and deep international partnerships outside of the EU to succeed in our future aims for science and technology, say science policy experts

RNAi technology in crop production

11 Oct 2017

Dr Alan Baylis looks at the technology commonly known as gene silencing

Bright SCIdea Challenge

11 Oct 2017

SCI is launching a national student innovation competition, aiming to enhance the business acumen of young scientists and explore ideas for the new industrial strategy.

Tropical Oils - Production, Applications, Nutritional and Health Aspects, preview

08 Oct 2017

SCI’s Lipids Group in collaboration with Benelux Lipid Network & EFL are pleased to present this one day conference, to look at the applications, health aspects and sustainability of tropical oils.

Innovation in Alzheimer’s disease: what’s next?

08 Oct 2017

After failed attempts of launching new Alzheimer's medicines, does industry need to rethink what makes good innovation?

24th Annual Review Meeting: Emerging concepts and techniques in organic synthesis

05 Oct 2017

SCI’s Young Chemists’ Panel is pleased to present the 24th Annual Review Meeting, which will address key areas of contemporary synthetic organic chemistry.

AI shortens chemical predictions to minutes

05 Oct 2017

Researchers have found a way to use AI to greatly accelerate chemical analysis.

Competition grows between solar cell technologies

05 Oct 2017

Silicon photovoltaic cells have long been the market leader in the solar power industry, but emerging perovskite technology is providing some strong competition

Sorghum bioenergy receives funding boost

03 Oct 2017

The US Department of Energy has awarded a $16 million grant to the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center for the development of bioenergy from grass species sorghum.

Antioxidant advertising: finding the balance between research and business

02 Oct 2017

Antioxidants thrive in the health food industry, known for their healing powers, despite conflicting evidence. Are consumers being misled?