Early Career Committee (ECC)

The Early Career Committee’s (ECC) focus is to help those studying and working in SCI’s fields of interest to fulfill their potential and develop their careers to become engineers, scientists and future leaders.
The Committee has both advisory roles and delegated responsibilities. The most relevant of the latter is administering Travel Bursaries and Scholarships. It reports to the Board of Trustees (BoT).

Message from the Chair

Professor Alan Heaton, Chair

ECC was established 10 years ago and has been responsible for setting up many of SCI’s most successful initiatives, mainly to support Early Career (EC) Members, particularly members of the College of Scholars (CoS).

The initiatives include the Mentoring and Ambassador schemes, the initial idea and running for what has become the very successful Bright SCIdea Challenge, and recently the Post-Graduate Showcase organised by some of our scholars.

An annual meeting for CoS members and Ambassadors fosters exchange of ideas and experiences, opportunities for networking as well as interesting talks and breakout sessions.

The ECC oversees all EC activities within SCI and since these are expanding rapidly, new members are very welcome.

Meet the Committee

Dr James Adams


Dr Kevin Back


Prof Paul Clarke

Ordinary Member

Libby Linfield


Beth Moore


Professor A Jennifer Mordue (Luntz)


Nikita Patel

Ordinary Member

Tim Reynolds


Toby Waldron Clarke

Ordinary Member

Prof Alan Heaton


Key Facts

  • Over 25 Scholarships and 150 Travel Bursaries awarded.
  • 15 successful Day of Science and Careers meetings organised in London, Scotland and York.
  • Approximately 20 Mentoring Partnerships and over 60 Ambassadors in place.