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COVID-19 Hub

    Interfacing with Government

    Government Whitehall

    COVID-19 Calls for Support 

    Proposals are invited for innovative research and projects on the understanding of and response to COVID-19
    UKRI has launched a call for innovative proposals addressing and mitigating the health, social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak for a duration of up to 18 months. 
    Deadline: Not specified 
    UKRI website 

    COVID-19 rapid response rolling call
    DHSC and UKRI have launched a rolling call for proposals for research into covid-19. Research should cover an understanding of the disease, prevention and management of the COVID-19 outbreak.
    Deadline: 1 April 2021 

    UK Science, Research and Technology capability and response to disease outbreaks

    The Science and Technology Committee aim to build on scientific knowledge and advice around the prevention, management and treatment of global outbreaks. They aim to increase the UK's research capacity and capability to respond to outbreaks. 
    Deadline: 31 July 2020 
    Committee website


    The science of COVID-19

    Submit evidence on the scientific and technological aspects of COVID-19, including the transmission and spread of the virus, the development of vaccines and treatments and the application of digital technologies for tracking and modelling.

    Deadline: 30 June 2020

    Committee website

    Call for Proposals needing rapid access to the Diamond synchrotron. 

    Diamond is offering priority rapid access for projects directly related to SARS-CoV-2 virtual proteins. 
    Deadline: Not specified 
    Diamond website 


    This encourages research generation sequencing and other high-end genomics applications and genomic data analysis related to the  COVID-19 epidemic. Submit you proposals or access projects related to the COVID-19 crisis.

    Deadline: 30 June

    EASI Genomics website


    Post-pandemic economic growth

    Submit your views on this topic

    Deadline: 17 July

    Committee website

    COVID-19 Funding Opportunities  

    EBI Rapid COVID-19 Response call 
    Academic staff members may apply for funding up to £5,000 per project for research into the novel coronavirus/COVID-19. 
    Deadline: Open on a rolling basis 
    Apply here 

    The National Institute for Health Research will provide travel and substance funding 
    This funding is to support those who wish to offer science and technical advice to support the response to COVID-19 in low and middle-income countries.
    Deadline: Open on a rolling basis
    NIHR website 

    Support for R&D intensive SMEs

    As part of the Chancellor’s £1.25Bn support package, £750m R&D funding (as grants and loans) will be available through Innovate UK’s grants and loan scheme. First payments will be made available mid-May.
    Deadline: Not released
    UKRI website

    Repurposing of UKRI grants for covid-19 purposes

    Apply to repurpose your grant to support research into COVID-19.
    Deadline: Not specified 
    UKRI website

    CEPI launches a new call for proposals to accelerate COVID-19 vaccine development and production.

    Funding will be focused on vaccine candidates that have the highest chances to be developed and manufactured on a global scale.

    Deadline: 30 June

    CEPI website



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    UK space technologies to boost NHS Coronavirus response
    A new drive to fund space-enabled technology and services that can strengthen the NHS response to coronavirus has been launched today (14 April) by the UK Space Agency

    Deadline: closing midday on 15 April – for rapid assessment of the first wave of proposals. DASA will continue to accept proposals after 15 April for consideration.

    Read the government press release





    Repurposing of UKRI grants for covid-19 purposes



    Repurposing of UKRI grants for covid-19 purposes

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