Past Recipients - Gordon E Moore Medal

Year Recipient
2023 Kaoru Aou, Dow
Advances in polyurethane materials in several application areas
2022 Kevin Maloney, Merck Research Laboratories
Leadership in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes
2021 Carla D. Pereira, ExxonMobil
Developing a novel solvent technology that enables energy efficient removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from natural gas streams
2020 Wei Wang, PPG
Designing novel polymers and developing their use in formulations to solve coating issues
2019 John Sworen, Chemours
Product development of non-fluorinated durable water repellents for use in the consumer textile market
2018 Steven Swier, Dow Chemical
Development of silsesquioxane resins and their phrase separated co-polymers with linear units for high temperature applications
2017 Melinda H. Keefe, Dow Chemical
Contributions to coatings innovation, to the conservation of precious art, and to science
2016 Dr Abhishek Roy, Dow Chemical
Development of terpolymer polyamides to alter salt and water transport across a reverse osmosis membrane
2015 John A McCauley, Merck
Design and synthesis of new drugs to treat hepatitis C virus (HCV)
2014 Andrew E Taggi, DuPont
Advances in new and novel fungicides to support increased food production
2013 Jerzy Klosin, Dow Chemical
Discovery and commercialization of polyolefin catalysts
2012 Dean E Rende, Honeywell
Invention of catalysts for production of biodegradable detergents and petrochemical monomers
2011 Doron Levin, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering
Inventor of catalytic processes, Nebula TM and TransPlusNG
2010 Emmett Crawford, Eastman Chemical Company
Invention and development of Tritan copolyester
2009 Emma Parmee, Merck and Company
Discoverer of JANUVIA, first type 2 diabetes treatment
2008 Edmund M Carnahan, Dow
Catalytic synthesis of olefin block copolymers
2007 Paul A Sagel, Proctor and Gamble
Led development of 'Crest Whitestrips'
2006 Jonathan M McConnachie, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering
New class of automotive lubricants
2005 Jeffrey John Hale, Merck and Company
Treatments for chemotherapy-induced nausea
2004 George Barclay, Rohm and Haas
Terpolymer photo resists

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