Past Recipients - Henry E Armstrong Memorial Lecture

Year Recipient Lecture
2023 Prof Elaine Martin, University of Leeds
2014 Dr Ian Wilson 'Soft Solids are Hard Work'
2012 Prof John Blacker 'Heads and Tails of the Process Chemistry and Engineering Coin: Steps to Improving Chemical Manufacturing Efficiency'
2011 Dr Claire Adjiman 'Process Design: Don't Take the Molecules for Granted'
1998 B Atkinson 'Biotechnological Process Innovation: Perception, Timeliness and Will'
1994 P N Bartlett 'How Do Robots Smell?'
1993 P H Worsfield 'Environmental Monitoring - The Attraction of Doing in in the Field'
1989 A D Mercer 'Corrosion and the Continuing Need for Research and Education'
1983 D R Miller 'Current and Future Applications of Online Surveillance and Monitoring Systems in the Petroleum Industry'
1979 M M Baizer and D E Danley 'The Discover, Development and Commercialisation of the Electrochemical Adiponitrile Process'
1959 K Winnacker 'Some Technical and Economic Aspects of the Chemical Industry of the German Federal Republic'
1953 R F T Colgate 'Science, Food and People'
1947 Sir Frederick W Keeble 'H E Armstrong - An Impressionist Sketch'
1945 Sir Harold Hartley 'H E Armstrong and the Development of Organic Chemistry'
1941 Dr E. F. Armstrong, F.R.S 'Henry E. Armstrong'

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